Former Philly cop pleads guilty to dumping dog in trash

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A former Philadelphia cop pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges on Thursday morning in connection with an investigation last November after his emaciated dog had been stuffed into a trash bag and abandoned at a local park. According to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Michael Long was arrested a year ago on March 23, 2017 and charged with two misdemeanors; animal cruelty and  another for the possession of an instrument of a crime.

Long was suspended from his job with intent to dismiss. Long had been with the police force in the 18th District for 11 years when his dog, Cranberry, was found on November 23, by a woman walking her own dog. The Good Samaritan spotted the emaciated dog wrapped in a sheet and in a garbage bag with her head sticking out. She immediately contacted the SPCA. The dog dubbed Cranberry, (because she was found near Thanksgiving) was brought to the shelter to receive life-saving veterinarian care.

“The dog had been micro-chipped, which led us to Mr. Long,” stated Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement Nicole Wilson. “We found what we believe is the matching sheet in Mr. Long’s possession.”

When rescued, Cranberry was nothing but skin and bones and barely alive. She was administered life saving intravenous fluids and nutrients to save her life. Cranberry has since made a full recovery and has been adopted; she is living a great new life.

In pleading guilty, the PSPCA reports Long will serve one year of probation and will never be allowed to own a dog again. It is not known why Long abandoned Cranberry, but fortunately Cranberry is living a wonderful life.

The PSPCA has set up a donation page to help dogs like Cranberry, and Woobie, a young pitbull who was recently found stabbed and left to die at a Philadelphia area train station:

(Photos of Philly cop and dog via PSPCA)

Read the former coverage of this incident here.

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16 replies
  1. Pamela Bolton says:

    Once again no jail time. BIG mistake. What good is probation going to do for the dog near death? Guess it makes the HUMANS feel better. Shame on the legal system !!! What a joke.

    • Kathy says:

      He probably got probation because he was a police officer otherwise he “might” have gotten jail time. At least he can never own another animal! Animal abuse should be a felony!

  2. PAMELA D says:

    Sick POS hopefully someone will dump his sorry ass in the trash after he gets tortured and raped. I wish the worse on the low life useless asshole.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS “ETHNIC” piece of BUZZARD EXCRETEMENT was Rightfully discharged from the Police Department… But I suppose He will bilk the Plagued City of Philadelphia out of a pension for A JOB HE was Not at all VESTED IN… His true color is of a Criminal Minded Psychopath that not only starved and brutalized an animal, then discarded the poor little girl like piece of garbage!!!! I would venture the SO called Officer of the Law was NOT EVEN close to that… He is nothing short of a down right scumbag Criminal…. wood chipper fodder !!!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another “slap on the wrist” did we expect anything else. When are the courts actually going to start taking these actions seriously?

  5. Theresa says:

    He looks like a fucking dirt bag he should never have any animals again throw his ass in jail people that he arrested fucking beat the shit out of him

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    If he gets another dog on Craigslist or somewhere else, those people won’t know since there is no national animal abusers list. That whole sentence is a joke.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Michael Long can never own a dog again? I want to know WHO is going to stop him????? No one that’s who – his picture should be posted in every shelter and rescue in the state of Pennsylvania. No prison time, one year probation is beyond pitiful – this ex-cop should be in prison where the hardened criminals can all have a chance at giving him some real punishment. Apparently Philadelphia finds their recruits under rocks – this bastard needs a massive beat down. Cranberry deserved MUCH better to be treated like a disposable object by the Philadelphia court system.


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