Police looking for man who threw a brick at missing Louisville dog

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In Clarksville, Indiana, police are looking for a man suspected of animal cruelty caught on a cellphone video kicking and throwing a brick at a dog missing from Louisville.

According to the News and Tribune, Clarksville Police Department reported an active warrant has been issued for Joe M. Ware, 20, after an extensive investigation of the December incident. According to court records, police responded to an animal complaint at the Beckett Street Apartments, where a witness stated he saw a man pick up a white boxer mix and throw the dog through the front door of the apartment. When the dog tried to escape off the porch, the man kicked him “field goal style,” the witness explained and then threw a brick at the frightened animal.

The witness did record a portion of the alleged cruelty showing the suspect throwing the brick, and at no time did the dog become aggressive.

Police interviewed a woman at the apartment, who stated the dog had shown up on her front step and had been whimpering.  When the dog supposedly became aggressive with another dog in her home, Ware walked the dog outside and picked up the brick to threaten the dog.

The dog was soon picked up by Clarksville Animal Control and has since been reunited with his owner.

Ware faces charges for a level 6 felony for “mutilation of an animal.” He faces two class A misdemeanors for animal cruelty – one for kicking the dog and one for abandonment.

Click here for a link to the video.

(Photo via Clarksville PD and freezeshot of Facebook video)

Anyone with information in this case should contact the Clarksville Police Department at 812-288-7151.

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14 replies
  1. Stormy Wallace says:

    Such a cruel cruel man, let his actions be shared everywhere and his punishment should be having bricks thrown at him.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of sewer sludge named Joe M. Ware is not Houdini and why is he not found? And if the cops actually believe this woman who is claiming the dog got aggressive, and her mouth is moving she is probably lying. This ghetto dweller needs to face up to what he did, which was cruel and uncalled for – I will never understand why these cops claim they are ‘investigating’ when it is plain as day what this jerk off did – arrest him – let his filthy butt sit in jail – AND the owner of this poor dog needs to step up and watch their dog, do not allow it to run free, as they are as guilty as Joe M. Ware, scumbag of 2018.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Throw a brick at his head several times until he is gone. Will save our court system lots of money We know that won ‘t happen so throw him in jail and let th inmates give him the penalty he deserves.

  4. vicki Hood says:

    Prosecution please. This sewer scum is dangerous to all. To maim an innocent animal and lie is evil. So glad the dog is now safe at home but the mental scars from a very evil, mean POS will take a very time.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Hate to see how he treats the resident dog! To the woman who was in the apartment, keep making excuses for this POS, it will be you being thrown out someday and “threatened” with a brick!

  6. Luana says:

    WTF!! I Hope they find and prosecute this jerk! Poor baby dog! I hope he is doing ok after that brick was thrown at him!! Man, this animal cruelty makes me so sick!!


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