Betrayed: Duke is at Florida shelter and just look at him

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Meet Duke. This German shepherd is at the Orange County Animal Services in Orlando. He is only six-years-old; betrayed and neglected – who could do this to any dog? What happened to “man’s best friend.”?

Duke is a neutered male and weighs 87.5 pounds. No surprise as Duke is heart worm positive in addition to his numerous medical issues, however notes indicate with proper medical care, treatment and attention, Duke may have a positive prognosis. A veterinarian examination at the shelter provides the following information:

“Age: Approx. 6 Years of Age Gender: Neutered Male Temp: 100.8F (Ear); Pulse: 100 BPM; Respiration: 30 BPM; Weight: 84.2lb(s) Microchip Scan: Performed by kennel Pictures: Yes (Unable to obtain ventral image due to painful when attempting to position); Taken by: CJS/CGO Physical Examination: Attitude: QAR Body Condition Score: BCS 1/9; Underweight Hydration: Euhydrated Mucus membrane color: Pigmented Capillary Refill Time: Normal Mouth, teeth, & gums: Tarter(Severe)/Gingivitis(Mild) Heart: 100 bpm; Normal Lungs: Normal Nose and Throat: Normal Eyes: Mucoid Discharge Ears: Infected; painful to touch Lymph Nodes: Other: Unable to palpate through skin (cellulitis/thickened) Coat and Skin: Severe generalized hairloss with cellulitis, scabbing, sores, and chronic skin changes. Abdomen: Normal Musculoskeletal: Other: Muscle atrophy Additional Observations: Copious live fleas; puritis Lab Work: Complete Blood Count (CBC): Collected By: CGO See Attached Print Out: Mild nonregenerative anemia with leukocytosis (bacterial/parasitic) Chemistry (CHM): Collected By: CGO See Attached Print Out: No significant abnormalities noted. Fecal Flotation: Collected By: CGO

Read By: CJS No Parasites or Ova Seen (NPOS) Heartworm test: Positive Other test(s): Type: Skin scrape: Negative Collected By: CJS; Read By: CJS/CGO Canine Diagrams/Notes: See Attached Print Out Assessment and Recommendations: Assessment: Severe chronic flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) with secondary skin infection and nonregenerative anemia. Emaciated with muscle wasting. Chronic skin changes related to chronic FAD and skin infection. Treatment and Recommendations: Gave Bravecto, Capstar, Baytril, Rimadyl, Benadryl. Request feeding twice daily. Rx Baytril and Rimadyl. Noted to be eating well. Repeat CBC in Q7days. Recommend posting. Recheck skin and ears for improvement on medications in Q5days. Impound Vaccines and Deworming: See ASO Exam” Please let us know if you can take him in!”

Because of Duke’s condition, he is only available to an approved rescue partner.  His Facebook page can be followed here. Please share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media. Sharing saves lives. Duke deserves better than this.

More information about rescue is available here.

This dog’s adoption listing can be found here. Make sure to reference A393963 when contacting Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL.  407-836-3111. 

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  1. Star Shelley says:

    Poor little guy, such a horrible life he had, asking our lord to find him a loving caring home. Thank God for rescue organizations. Bless them

  2. Adrienne says:

    So glad this beautiful dog has been tagged and looks like there is a foster or adopter too. Please share with us his progress and how he looks after completion of treatments.


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