Senior dog at shelter that is beyond full

Senior, at shelter that is ‘beyond full,’ urgently needs help

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A senior dog has the misfortune of being held at a shelter which is described as “beyond full.” Nine-year-old “Papa Sawyer,” is in a Georgia animal shelter and his time is growing short.

An advocate gives Papa Sawyer a voice

“When I came to this shelter, I was infested with ticks  It had been a long time since human kindness had shone on me. They say that when life gets hard, it will toughen you up. And I guess it does. But that doesn’t mean it has to make you hard and mean. I can take whatever life throws at me, but I’ll never let it kill my joy and my trust in my two-legged and four-legged friends. The world may have been unkind to me, but I always look for those moments of light and love.”


“I’m a sweet, gentle guy, and I share a kennel with another dog here, so I have that going for me, at least. If this is the end of my journey, that’s ok. I’ve seen a lot, not all of it good, but I got to know kindness.  I’ll keep dreaming of a world where all of us unwanted pups have a warm, loving place to live, no matter how old we are. Please show me that my life matters.”

Homeless senior dog’s known health issues

This aging pit bull is faced with health issues – he has heartworms and a lump on his paw. Anyone interested in helping this homeless old boy is asked to reach out via messenger to this Facebook page.

Please network on Sawyer’s behalf – the more people who see him, the better his odds are of living out the rest of his natural life.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    There should be some type of “retirement” home for pets of this age where they can live out their lives with others and not have to worry about being feed or cared for. We have home for elderly citizens, so why not something like this? Animals that have been in a no kill shelter for several years with no chance of being adopted, those who have health issues. Something needs to be done by our country to somehow protect these animals.

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      You: make a very valid point Adrienne!!! We are (were) one of the most advanced, self sufficient and supposedly compassionate Nations IN THE WORLD!!! I have seen so many changes in my 70 years on Earth ( and not for the betterment of our elderly, our youth and our Country in General). Drugs I feel has taken over the majority of our population and have contributed to the severe ANIMAL NEGLECT and ABUSE… WE are a Nation Lost!!! Our ANIMAL POPULATION IS in Great NEED and with the exception of a FEW good and honest RESCUES There is NO Help for our aging, homeless and neglected pets. About 85 % of the Humane Societies Funding goes for High Salaries for a few… Top Dog Adminstrator’s !!! THIS IS SO VERY SAD!!!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    Sharing with lov ed and prayers for his life and freedom. Asking our dear lord to please sent him a miracle.


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