Police searching for person who abused puppy

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Authorities in York, South Carolina are asking for the public’s help finding the person(s) who severely abused a young puppy and cut his tongue out earlier in November.

According to WbtvNews, an 18-month-old puppy was found in the area of Madison Street and Lowry Row on November 19 after a woman and her boyfriend witnessed what appeared to be a group of people fighting. When spotted, the group ran away. Police were dispatched to the area and discovered a cold and shivering puppy tied up to a tree.

Noah’s Arks Rescue immediately came to the dog’s aid:

“There are no words to describe the horror this sweet 18-month-old Lab/Pitbull Mix has endured. Animal Control in York County was called on Sunday about a dog that was tied to a four-foot pole off of O’Lowry Road in York, SC. The temperature dropped down to 30 degrees during the night, and this sweet pup was not picked up until Monday afternoon around 4:00 PM. He had no food or shelter,” the organization posted on their Facebook.

Briggs was then transported to a veterinarian hospital where he could not eat or drink; his tongue had been cut out. Apparently used for dog fighting, the dog suffered bite wounds over his face, feet and legs. A microchip revealed a past owner, but when contacted, the woman stated she had given the dog away to a man.

Dogs can lead good lives even after their tongues have been removed as a result of trauma. As his mouth heals, he is being taught how to eat raw meatballs that are very slippery. During this learning period, he is being fed bone broth with gelatin added; this is cut into cubes, and that is how he is learning to eat without a tongue.

York County continues their investigation. Anyone with information about dog fighting or knows anything about the past history of this dog, whose name was Kemba at the time, is asked to contact the York County Sheriff’s Department at 803.628.3059.

Doesn’t Briggs deserve justice? Someone must know something.

(Photos of Briggs via Facebook)

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19 replies
  1. Debbie says:

    You have got to catch who did this to this precious baby…..what is wrong with people….so much cruelty…….against innocent animals who can’t speak for themselves. Catch these people and put them away for a very long time……you catch these people and you can bust a dog fighting ring. PLEASE MAKE THIS SUFFERING STOP.

  2. Theresa says:

    To the fucking scumbags that torture this poor animal I hope you all fucking die in the worst pain I like to see you all have your fucking hands cut off that way you’ll never touch anything again

  3. Helen says:

    Find the bastards and cut off their tongues. These scumbags are either operating a dog fighting ring or know where one is located. Throw the vile sub-humans in jail and throw away the key.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Well this SHOULD be a CASE of ” A Tongue for a Tongue” ! the bastard that did this Horrific Deed is “BEYOND EVIL” and should not even be roaming the hallow grounds of our Nation to continue practicing the cruel, demonic, monster like, deed that were committed to this helpless animal…

  5. Adrienne says:

    The same should be done to the scum who did this to this precious dog. Then put them in jail for life and let the inmates give them the justice they deserve. Hey, politicians, both Rep. & Dem. do your job and make the laws stiffer for crimes like this. Things like this should be make a priority, not the garbage they are bickering about now.

    • sharon says:

      I totally AGREE….It tares my heart out to see this happening…I live in a apartment complex that I would have to pay a 300$ deposit for any kind of animal,bird or even fish..otherwise I would have a sweet little puppy,. I live alone and it would be a lot of company for me…I can’t stand to see this horrible animal abuse…CATCH these HORRIBLE PPL and PUNISH THEM SEVERELY !!!!!

  6. vicki hood says:

    There aren’t enough words to describe how the public feels ==me too. The anger, the disgust , the tears all of it. If this scum that hurt this innocent so badly is not hurt by public outrage the courts have their duty to prosecute to the max. Hoping for a public display to show how monster scum is treated. Bless that pup and those that helped him. Keep us all posted as this will not be shoved under the rug. Public will be in court once these sewer scum are caught. The pit ring must be shut down or police and other law enforcement will be exposed as innefficient.

  7. Star Shelley says:

    I pray they catch those fucking idiots and cut their tongue off. What phathic low lifes, hope they also have nightmares and no peace in their heart, soul and mine for the rest of their phathic life. Prayers for this poor little guy.

  8. Melissa Gurley says:

    She knows who she gave the dog to if she’s telling the truth I hope the police do something about this it’s mean and cruel hope they catch who did this the police need to do their job someone needs to be punished severely

  9. Red says:

    Find these satanistic monsters and PUT THEM DOWN!! Anyone who can torture an animal has no heart, soul or feelings….they need to be put away forever.

  10. Denise Moore says:

    If the law can’t handle these horrific abuse cases in a way that tells these evil humans we mean business then maybe we should start hunting these bastards ourselves and feed them through the wood chipper they are nothing but pond scum. This makes me so fricking mad. People that do stuff like this deserves to rot in a small jail cell…Humans that can do such are a very dangerous element to be lurking in any neighborhood

  11. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I think that the woman who gave the dog away should go to jail as well as the monsters who perpetrated these atrocities! If I had my way they would all be executed!

  12. Nancy May says:

    When we catch
    The SOB who did this, we should be able to cut their tongue out too! Wonder if they would think it was fun then!! STOP PICKING ON INNOCENTS!!!

  13. Sylvia Spong says:

    I pray for all animals that suffer at the hands of such monsters. In this case, if no one comes forward with information, I hope there will be a reward posted. I would be glad to contribute.


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