Ouch! Officers rescue 89-pound dog that fell into 6 foot hole

Animal control officers in San Ysidro, California had quite the unusual rescue on Tuesday afternoon after a 89-pound dog fell into a six-foot hole. Rescuers rushed over to the remote location after receiving a call from the  U.S. Customs and Border Protection that a dog that had fallen into a hole.big Dog big rescue 2

According to CBSNews, Officers Joshua Nix and his partner Officer Peterson arrived at the construction site near the border, and there he was – a huge pit bull sitting at the bottom of the hole not moving at all. Of course, there was no way to know if the dog was friendly, so the men took precautions and used their training as to reading a dog’s body language to get an idea of the dog’s disposition. One of the officers called the dog, slowly lowered his hand into the hole and felt safe the dog wasn’t aggressive.

“The dog wasn’t moving, wasn’t barking when we arrived. At that point in time, when Officer Peterson jumped down into the hole, the dog became alive, started being more animated, very friendly dog, and we were able to lift it up at that time,” explained Officer Nix.

The men fashioned a harness  with their ropes to lift the dog out of the hole. Slowly the 89-pound pooch made it to the top and to safety. He shook the dust off of himself , he wiggled his behind and wagged his tail as if it was just another doggy adventure, the rescuers reported. A very friendly dog, the officers said he was just full of kisses and happy to be free.

Fortunately, someone heard the dog barking, as the area was remote; had the U.S. Customs’ officers not been informed of the dog’s dilemma, he may have died in the hole.

“It’s a great feeling, it gives you great job satisfaction,” Officer Nix said. “Not everyday do you get to do something like that, but on those days it does happen – it really makes you feel like you’re making a difference, and it’s a really good feeling.”

Since his rescue, the dog, who is six years old with no identification has since had some good food, water and a soft bed to sleep. If his owners don’t come forward, he will be available for adoption today. Click here for adoption information.

(Photos of the 89-pound dog courtesy of County Animal Services.)

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