Neglected Boston bull terrier rescued from being euth’ed at last moment

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A neglected, blind senior Boston bull terrier mix was rescued from the euthanasia table at the very last moment on Saturday afternoon near Dallas, Texas. The day began when Poppy had been carried into an area veterinarian in a laundry basket. The senior couple, who brought had been waiting for their name to be called, but before that even happened, the older man and woman left – Poppy in tow in the basket. The friendly senior dog was blind in one eye, and her other eye had popped out of its socket. No explanations were given.Poppy the Frenchie 2

The couple’s next stop was an open admissions animal shelter. There, the elderly pair told the shelter they found the dog in a Walmart parking lot. It was just that easy to dump Poppy; at a time when she needed her family the most. Surrendering the dog at the shelter didn’t cost them a dime; the animal advocate who followed up on the story was sure the dog belonged to the those people who dropped Poppy off and walked away.

And just as Poppy was being prepped to be euthanized at the shelter, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in to save her. She has now been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital team where Poppy will receive the best of care.Poppy the Frenchie 3

No information has been made available if an investigation into cruelty charges are being pursued. As of this time however, Stacy Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue, wants to concentrate on Poppy’s future. Donations for this dog can be sent by clicking here, or via PayPal at

(Photos of the Boston bull terrier courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.)

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  1. Brenda Minarik says:

    Yet another dog abandoned by its masters sad state of affairs this could be avoided by stricter laws to protect pets it’s just to easy to dump pets nowadays shelters were not created so humans could dump their garbage in when they didn’t want it anymore,instead they were created to shelter and give refuge to animals in need humans have created a problem and as far as I’m concerned they should clean up their mess and what a mess it is
    Abusers should have stiffer sentences Puppy Mills outlawed and hunted down their should be special units in place to deal with this problem,time to clean house we need a main computer with names faces and dates of all cases so that there is a Reference Library for all to access Give all animals a voice give them hope for a better life in a better world ???? prayers for all of the abused and to there abusers may you rot in hellfire ????

  2. susispot says:

    Ouch! That looks horribly painful. It is wonderful she is going to get excellent care and made comfortable. Thank you RDRNYC.

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Thank you for rescured him ???????????????? Whish You and your new family a wonderful life together ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Red says:

    I guess I will never understand how there are monsters out there disguised as humans. NO ONE could just dump a sweet animal in this kind of condition if they have any heart and soul at all. MONSTERS are all that can dump, relinquish or turn loose of their furkids. Of course…. in their eyes they are not furkids….. they are simply animals. Butt heads…. that is what ALL IDIOTS are that abuse, dump or allow their animals to suffer.


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