Lukey who lived life of abuse will not be statistic at Texas kill shelter

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Lukey lived a life of torture and abuse; his suffering is all too evident in his malnourished and weakened appearance. And then he was brought into a rural Texas shelter this week, where many dogs have no chance of ever seeing the light of a new day. Most are euthanized and few are adopted; there’s little funding and barely any staff to keep up with the intake numbers; those sentient beings who have been dumped or abandoned by their  irresponsible owners.  Lukey cover

Lukey, however will not be a statistic. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had been asked to help, and if at all possible she rarely refuses. A dog, who has lived a life of pain and fear and has been so abused and neglected, now has a chance. He has been transferred to the rescue’s partner veterinarian hospital in Dallas where he is receiving emergency care; his condition is listed as critical.

On Facebook, Jackie updated the dog’s condition:

“Lukey has been abused and neglected for so long; he has spiraled into what you see here in these photos and video. He has lived a life of pain and fear. Even though he is suffering, can’t see due to his infected eyes, malnourished and weak, he remains sweet gentle and affectionate and trusting of all humans and other dogs; an incredible testament to Lukeys pureness and goodness.”

Updates as to Lukey’s health will follow. To donate to this sweet dog’s care, please click here, or directly to pay pal

Photos and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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  1. Star Shelley says:

    My heart goes,out to this poor pup, what a horrible life he had, I pray he finds a good living home, and he has a good recovery. I also pray for the idiots who owned him, that they have a life of no peace in their heart, mind and soul and full of nightmares for the rest of their misable life.

  2. Sherry says:

    Jackie at rescue dogs rock is an amazing angel to help this beautiful animal! Thank you and prayers of love of light going out to you guys for his recovery!

    • Darla says:

      I’ve donated to her group once and I intend to do it again. I’ve also named her rescue group as the beneficiary of a small IRA that I have.

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Poor Lukley ! He deserves to get a new life whith good family ????????????????Whish you all luck ????????????BIG HUGS FROM SWEDEN ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Elizabeth Goudge says:

    Such a wonderful compassionate thing to do for this poor creature, who never could have deserved what he received. I pray he gets the love affection and safe home that he richly deserves

  5. Cathy Rolley says:

    Oh my God that poor dog he must have been in pain for a long time.I am so glad and happy that he is getting a second chance at life and I pray that he finds a loving home where he will know what it is like to be loved.What a sweet dog .I hope that he heals soon.I Also hope whoever did this to him gets what they deserve. whoever did this to this sweet dog you are nothing but a worthless piece of shit.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless Rescue Dog Rocks NYC, another precious pup saved from being euthanized. Prayers for Lukey, the people allowing this to happen to these precious pups need to be found and prosecuted.

  7. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    People have lost respect for God and ALL He created. One day….pay back time!!! He who mock God WILL pay the price for sure. Animals belong to God NOT to humans!!

  8. Angela Corso says:

    My blood boils when I read this kind of disgusting abuse!! Our laws are not tough enough and until the courts start making these people examples of what punishments will come if you abuse animals, the abuse will only continue! I was a Trump supporter in the election, but if I continue to see his administration remove animal welfare information from the Government’s site, I will not be a supporter for long!!!

  9. Linda says:

    So many truths submitted above. I echo those sentiments wholeheartedly. “Dogs are just too good for this world”
    I don’t understand people who don’t see them for the wonderful creatures that they are. God bless the rescuers.

  10. Dean Stodghill says:

    Please let me know about Luckey, his health and if he has a home to go to. Thank you! He tugs at my heart! I have a rescue dog & cat. I’ve always had pets that were rescued & believe that it is the right thing to do. I had a blind dog for 10yrs until I had to put him down due to terminal illness in October. It broke my heart! I have loved each one &miss them all!


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