Heartbreaking: No new home means Frankie dies today

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Update: Rescued!

Ten-year-old Frankie spent Christmas, and now the first nine days of 2017 in a kennel cage at the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. The very sad terrier has waited and waited for someone to save him, and no one has stepped forward. He shakes and shivers and has no idea why he is being kept behind bars as a prisoner; the sweet gently dog didn’t do anything wrong.

The shelter has sent out numerous please for help, and this dog urgently needs a rescue to save his life. His deadline is Monday afternoon at 6:00 p.m. when it has been reported the dog will be euthanized for space. Described as incredibly sweet, friendly and calm, this dog would make a wonderful companion. Surely there must be someone out there to give him a loving home and a warm bed – instead of the cold floor of a kennel and a fate even worse than that. The dog’s initial evaluation described him as friendly, non aggressive, but stiff. Advocates have been pledging funds to help a qualified rescue organization with his medical expenses.

Share Frank’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. We are his future, and sharing saves lives.

A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.  For more information about this dog, contact Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center located at 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166. Be sure to reference A1840190. According to Urgent Dogs of Miami, there has been interest in rescuing Frank. Pet Harbor listing here.

Photos and video of Frankie courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami.

Check out Frankie’s short video here:



52 replies
  1. Keith says:

    To openly tell people that you are going to kill a dog today unless someone takes it today is so wrong on so many levels…
    I will now be deleting your page off my groups and if anything is posted like this again I’ll start a Country wide protest of your Organization & group page.
    Try Me ! ! !
    You will get and have so much bad publicity, that No One will want anything to do with your Organization…
    TRY ME ! ! !

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Vous ne l’avez pas tué, il ne faut pas, se n’est pas ça faute s’il a été abandonné, s’il vous plaît. . . . NOOON????????????????????????

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    NOT even a comment! What can I say ! Nice job to HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL This Poor FELLOW IS ONE OF OURS that HASN”T GOTTEN ADOPTED when Thousands of Foreign DOGS HAVE BEEN SENT into THE UNITED STATES to save their lives>>> WHAT ABOUT our Dogs!!! I would gladly take this dog, except I live in the WESTERN US and can’t go out to FLORIDA for him…. This is a very SAD ! SAD! ending that didn’t have to happen…. he is not the first and surly won’t be the last… AS YOU can SEE I am not AN ADOVACATE of IMPORTING DOGS from VERY THIRD WORLD so they won’t be ABUSED WHEN WE ARE LETTING THIS HAPPEN to FRANKIE!!!! SHAME ON US!!!!!!

    • Kathleen says:

      They do have ways to get him to you (volunteers drive them 2 hrs to another volunteer until they get to you. There are also some people who volunteer to fly them. Check into it.

    • Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

      The dogs sent her need our HELP! I don’t give a DAMN where ANY ANIMAL is from, or if some asshole owns it…I’ll RESCUE ANY ANIMAL! Ur anger SHOULD B directed at the SCUMBAGZ that DUMP, ABUSE & ABANDON!!! With respect 2 HSI, if they didn’t pay EXECUTIVES…6-7 FUCKING FIGURES, MORE ANIMALS WOULD B SAVED!

    • wisepati says:

      The shelters are not the problem…it is the irresponsible people who continue to let their dogs breed without controls or get a dog and dump it.
      Granted there are some shelters that kill not for space but just because the dog has been there for 5 or 7 days, but not all.
      If people would be responsible this killing would stop.

  4. Cynthia skeates says:

    I have said I will pay adoption fee—-can’t someone take him? I will call in credit card info if someone can physically claim him!

  5. Christine Gorgichuk says:

    How do I get this dog into Canada…… if they can get him to me ill take him today…… please someone …. help me find a way to give this dog a home……

  6. Fran Mehan says:

    this space should be used to find a loving home for this dog not fight so that in mind Chris try calling the shelter where he is they may be able to help direct you to someone who is able to asist.

  7. Maureen Oleary (@MaureenOleary10) says:

    Please someone looking for a pet consider this beautiful angel that GOD wants to help. I cant believe there is no compassion for this adorable dog. Im in Canada, or I would, hes lovely. Save him please. Give him a chance, RESCUE, FOSTER ADOPT RESCUE HIM RESCUE RESCUE RESCUE PLEASE.

  8. Edward says:

    Hey this is big and wake the f****** this is a kill shelter Miami-Dade Florida it’s a beautiful thing if they do this cuz it’s a beautiful thing if they do this cuz he gets your attention immediately this is for the comment by Keith who threatened to do bad publicity nice job guys


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