Oklahoma man dies trying to save his dog from an icy pond

Man died trying to save dog from icy pond
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A young man in Oklahoma died on Saturday while trying to save his dog, who fell through thin ice on a pond. According to News Channel 6, the man, identified as 22-year-old Tanner Shorter, had been out duck hunting with a group of friends in Stephens County when the tragedy took place.

Shorter’s dog ran onto the thin ice to retrieve a bird and apparently fell through the ice – Shorter immediately tried to rescue his companion, but died in the process. In a fundraiser set up for the young man, Shorter is described as a fun-loving man who loved life – the GoFundMe tribute continues:

Tanner was an avid sportsman who loved all sports from football to hunting. His coaches describe him as one of the toughest kids they have ever coached. Above all his classmates describe Tanner as a gentleman… A stand up guy that was admired by all.

According to KSWO, a memorial has already been held for Shorter. There is no official word on the fate of the dog that Shorter died trying to save. Find the memorial fundraiser for Tanner Shorter’s family at this link.

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  1. There is no mention as to the outcome of the dog, but I assume he and his master are together in the hereafter. So sorry for the loss of Tanner Shorter, he sounds like he was a quality person and I know how much he will be missed by his family and friends.

    • From what I understand it wasn’t even his dog, it was the guy he was hunting with dog. And unfortunately the dog did not make it either.

      • Oh wow! What a selfless, heroic human being, it’s too bad the world has lost him, people like Tanner Shorter are too few and far between.

  2. The VERY FACT that this YOUNG MAN attempted to save the pet he loved so very much SHOWS EXACTLY THE EXEMPLERY TYPE OF YOUNG MAN HE WAS!!! A HORRIBLE AND TRAGIC LOSS of BOTH “A FINE YOUNG MAN” ” A DEDICATED AND LOVING DOG” ! These two were side by side as they PASSED ON! I am a spiritual person not highly religious but I do sincerely believe this!!! I am so very sorry this family suffered such a loss !

  3. The article here didn’t mention Tanner was also expecting his First Child ,who WILL Grow UP knowing THAT Their DAD was a LOVING< DEDICATED < HERO < and strived to always to what he felt was the Right Thing! Rest in Peace Tanner and Your four legged Friend and Companion!!

  4. […] As to the situation, both the Denver police and the fire department, have explained the dispatcher likely was not familiar with the protocol or the rules for saving an animal in an emergency situation. Many animal lovers would risk their own lives to save a pet – tragically a young man in Oklahoma died trying to save his dog from an icy pond. Read about that tragic story here. […]


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