Images of dog being dragged by truck sparks online outrage

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In East Malaysia, photos of a dog being dragged by a truck has sparked online outrage. The disturbing photos were posted online by Facebook group, the Brotherhood of Sabah Sarawak, a community organization with more than 37,000 followers, who states they “will fight back no matter how hopeless.”sabah-dog-dragged-2

And tragically, in this distressing situation, a dog is spotted being dragged behind a truck at what is believed to be located at Jalan Pandaruan. A police report has since been made against the driver of the truck, and the incident is now under investigation with charges possible under Sarawak’s Cruelty to Animals Prevention Act of 1963. According to the New Straits Times, Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Abang Zainal Abidin Abang Ahmad stated authorities have tracked down the driver shown in the photos posted on the organization’s Facebook.

“When men have no feelings… this event is happening d limbang recently… Let’s give this man pamos,” the group posted. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities. Cruelty knows no geographic boundaries, and it’s up to each person to help make this a more humane world.

East Malaysia or Malaysian Borneo is also known as Sabah – and the Facebook group is a local representation of a responsible and compassionate community helping to fight for justice for people and animals.

Photos of dog dragged by truck courtesy of Facebook page Brotherhood of Sabah Sarawak.



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  1. Someone this cruel undoubtedly treats everyone around him in ways similar to this. Therefore, ridding the planet of him in the same way he tortured this innocent dog would certainly be justice.

  2. J’espère que la condamnation sera à la mesure des souffrances de se pauvre loulou. Il ne mérite pas de respirer le même air que se pauvre bébé. Pas de pitié pour ces barbares.

  3. this cruelty has to stop, dogs deserve to be treated, the authorities need to get a grip, poor poor defenseless dog, evil wicked people, hope they are in jail, what has happened to the poor dog, heartbreaking, stricter penalties need to be place now, it is not acceptable for such barbaric acts of cruelty

  4. Any updates of the dog? Is it safe? I hope the one responsible will feel more than what the dog felt being dragged. ????

  5. I thought that was cool man I think that deserved it it got me excited seeing that dog being tortured so much that I want to rip your f****** ass out of that truck tie you to the back of the f****** truck not go over nice Road or bring you into the desert with rocks snakes excetera excetera and go about 60 miles an hour so when I’m f****** done your f****** ass will be nothing left of it you’ll be shredded f****** piece of s*** like you are a POS mother f*****


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