Dog thrown out of car near expressway tried to jump back on vehicle but instead owner sped off

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On Sunday evening, a woman driving a silver SUV stopped along the service road at 97th Avenue of the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, New York and pushed a frightened German shepherd out of her vehicle. The panicky dog, knowing something was terribly amiss, jumped up on the car trying to get back in, but instead, the woman sped off leaving the dog alone just feet away from the busy highway.

A young woman and her boyfriend witnessed the heartbreaking situation and turned their vehicle around to help; who could just leave a defenseless dog in such a precarious position? The couple stated the dog was so scared, they stayed with her for two hours until police finally arrived. The story, however didn’t end there for the dog the couple dubbed “Honey.” With the arrival of the police, the noise of the squad car and the flashing lights, Honey panicked again; she ran into traffic and was struck by a vehicle. The collision degloved her paw, fractured her right front leg and shattered her hip. And now, along with the dog’s emotional suffering came critical physical injuries.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC learned of Honey’s desperate story on Monday when staff from the New York City Animal Care Centers notified the rescue organization asking if they could help. Honey needed emergency medical assistance, and she needed to be rescued immediately. Simultaneously Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of the organization, received a private message from the witnesses who found Honey; begging for help to save the dog’s life. The couple had already bonded while waiting the two hours until authorities arrived.

“When no other rescues stepped up for Honey right before 6:00 p.m., we committed to her to save her life, despite knowing that she requires expensive orthopedic surgery and that we likely won’t be able to raise the money for,” stated Jackie. “But we took Honey because she did not deserve to die, and because it was the RIGHT thing to do! Why should this poor innocent dog suffer one more minute let alone pay with her life?”

Honey has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian and is currently receiving life saving emergency treatment. She is indeed lucky to be alive. To help, PayPal: or website: or mail: Rescue Dogs Rock NYCPO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

Someone knows who dumped this dog. The silver SUV had Ontario license plates. Help Honey get justice, and turn the woman in for illegally abandoning her dog.

(Photos of dog thrown out of car near expressway, courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC )

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16 replies
  1. Wolf Oberts says:

    People who abandon their pets, doesn’t matter WHERE they leave them, should be stripped of their clothing, cell phones, food and drinks etc and taken out as far away from local civilization as possible and left there. If they make it back then so be it. If they just so happen to….. I wouldn’t waste any tears over them.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    This horrific cruel act has sickened my stomach! So despicable! THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING LIFE SAVING WORK!!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    How can u do that ruthless heartless human being & that poor baby didn’t want them to leave him only family knew . Please God hope finds great home !!????????

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    The Bitch who did this needs tobe found and charged and made to pay for Honeys medical bills. Stupid Bitch!!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for helping this poor dog and bless the couple who stopped to help Honey. Why it took 2 hours for help to arrive is beyond comprehension. I do hope they find the person who dumped this dog like this, she needs to be charged for what she did!

  6. ellen cottone says:

    the first thing that needs to be done when leaving the animal in a dangerous situation is make owners pay for injuries and police time.
    because why this happens so much is there is no real reason why they should not.
    and make them sit thru classes as part of rehab.that alone should take care of a bulk of these side of highway dump offs.
    if you realize it or not it is the start of a deadly occurrence for good people who risk their lives as well as tying up first responders.
    this is something that should have been in legislation along time ago.. the P.D dept has had about enough of this.
    and create some jobs for people who are trained specifically for this. and yes it should be a dept in the police dept so bad owners a
    know they mean business. lets change and redefine this sad event. permanently. It took 2 hours because police have other work to do and dog pounds are not allowed to enter the high way because its not there beat. redefine it, law it, hire for it, promote the division with public notice and watch it dwindle.

    • Catherine Rolley says:

      I agree with you Ellen and I agree with wolf too.But before they take the bitch and put her in the middle of nowhere without food water cell phone etc.They should first throw her stupid ass out a window of a car going down a lonely road and then if she lives she can can suffer all by herself and if she dies ,then she dies.She doesn’t deserve a second chance.She didn’t give the dog a second chance.Thank you to the people who stopped to help the dog and the rescue group who took her in.I hope that they catch the heartless bitch who did this and give her a lengthy sentence.And while she is serving time I hope another inmate will teach her a lesson


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