Woman arrested for striking police horse with pole and nail attached

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a woman faces charges for striking a police horse with a flag pole with a nail attached during a demonstration on Saturday morning. Lisa Simon, 23, faces aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law.

According to Penn Live,  the incident unfolded on Saturday morning at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg during a demonstration of “March Against Sharia.” The protest had been scheduled to take place in other cities including New York and Dallas. During the rally, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Mounted Patrol and the Harrisburg Police helped with crowd control. As a State Trooper and his equine partner, Sampson, moved among the crowd, Simon attacked the horse – hitting him in the side of the neck. Sampson suffered minor injuries, but was able to return to work.

Simon is reported to have resisted arrest. She was moved to the Dauphin County prison in lieu of $100,000 bail; her preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6. As of Monday night, Simon was still in custody.

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(Submitted photo of woman arrested for striking police horse)








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  1. resqdogz says:

    How ’bout adding FELONY LEVEL ANIMAL ABUSES charges, and ASSAULTING A POLICE OFFICER? Aren’t equines afforded the same protections as police service canines???

  2. Jacqueline says:

    People just become psychopaths when the have a little power. Such a cruel act against innocent animals. KARMA will get the bitch that’s if prison doesn’t get her first

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Is a fucking Aryian !!! Needs to be whipped with a branch of thorns for her torture of the horse!!! He is a harmless animal.. She is THE VICIOUS ANIMAL!!!

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Sick ugly bitch I hope someone nails you to wood & you die a horrible death u have no right to do this kill yourself & I hope someone will do it. Please god save the horse & get him to a vet bg

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    People that come to a protest with a flag pole with a nail in it are just looking for trouble! They are there to incite a riot not peacefully protest what ever cause they are supposed to be supporting. I have read that some of these protests against Sharia were cancelled because they were being backed by “white supremacists, looking at the mug shot of this “person” I would say reports were probably right. There should be NO room in our country for such actions and people! I hope they throw the book at her and it hits her square in her “shaved” head!

    • Michelle Brown says:

      I agree she must have been looking for trouble, but please associate her with the correct group. This horrible person was ANTIFA and was there to protest the anti-Sharia protesters. (ANTIFA are those crazy fools who wears masks- they set fire to buildings at Berkeley, threw chairs through windows, etc. and associate with the left politically.) That being said, I’d like to think she is responsible for her own actions and didn’t represent any group in doing what she did.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I think I did point out that the protests at other locations had been cancelled because they were supported by “white supremacists” and I have NO doubt that she is one of them, why would you NOT want to think she is one of them?

  5. Intract says:

    Funny how the article completely fails to mention who she was: a member of “antifa”, a left wing terrorist group, which violently attacks non-leftists demonstrations. I take it the authors are desperately trying to link her to anti-Sharia demonstrators?

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      The article’s purpose is in reference to animal cruelty and someone allegedly striking a horse with a pole with a nail at the end.


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