Dog abandoned in the woods and left to die after his genitals severed

In Wilson, North Carolina, an urgent plea went out on social media early Tuesday morning to help an emaciated, stray dog; someone had slashed the pup’s genitals and then dropped him off at the edge of the woods. A group effort, with a combined small but strong army of animal advocates, launched into action:

“Thank God for Talia Sutton who STOPPED and stayed with Zeus until AC arrived. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saying YES! Most importantly thank you to the gang at Wilson County Humane Society who jumped in feet first and never looked back. BECAUSE of ALL of you folks Zeus gets his miracle. I know he has a long road ahead of him, but I am confident he will live up to his name, and “shine” through his journey. THANK YOU again to everyone who stepped up,” animal rescuer Kim Edmondson posted on her Facebook page.

When discovered, the dog’s penis had been severed and left dangling. Whoever inflicted the egregious inhumanity to the friendly pup, abandoned him on the side of the road near the woods to slowly suffer and die. When Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the non-profit animal welfare group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was asked to help, she jumped right in:

 “A day doesn’t seem to go by without us being introduced to some new sick type of torture,” wrote Jackie on the group’s social media page after posting photos of Zeus on his way to an emergency veterinarian facility. We are are so sickened and upset right now. We know nothing else about this dog but his options were: 1) get immediate rescue  OR 2) be put to sleep because he needs urgent medical care.

SO as we are sure you can guess, he is SAFE with us and headed to our NC vet partner now for lifesaving treatment. We are told he is terrified, no surprise there! Why should this poor innocent dog trust any humans?”

Zeus has arrived at the rescue’s veterinarian partner and is now being treated with pain relief medication and fluids. Reconstructive surgery is scheduled for Thursday if the medical staff feel he is strong enough to survive. Zeus has an uphill battle; let’s hope he survives.

(Photos of dog with his genitals slashed courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Kim Edmondson) Someone must recognize this dog. Don’t let the monster who committed such an awful act of cruelty get away with this.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC need your help to continue saving these most disturbing cases.  Paypal; or or RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY, NY 10028.

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