Dog abandoned in the woods and left to die after his genitals severed

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In Wilson, North Carolina, an urgent plea went out on social media early Tuesday morning to help an emaciated, stray dog; someone had slashed the pup’s genitals and then dropped him off at the edge of the woods. A group effort, with a combined small but strong army of animal advocates, launched into action:

“Thank God for Talia Sutton who STOPPED and stayed with Zeus until AC arrived. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saying YES! Most importantly thank you to the gang at Wilson County Humane Society who jumped in feet first and never looked back. BECAUSE of ALL of you folks Zeus gets his miracle. I know he has a long road ahead of him, but I am confident he will live up to his name, and “shine” through his journey. THANK YOU again to everyone who stepped up,” animal rescuer Kim Edmondson posted on her Facebook page.

When discovered, the dog’s penis had been severed and left dangling. Whoever inflicted the egregious inhumanity to the friendly pup, abandoned him on the side of the road near the woods to slowly suffer and die. When Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the non-profit animal welfare group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was asked to help, she jumped right in:

 “A day doesn’t seem to go by without us being introduced to some new sick type of torture,” wrote Jackie on the group’s social media page after posting photos of Zeus on his way to an emergency veterinarian facility. We are are so sickened and upset right now. We know nothing else about this dog but his options were: 1) get immediate rescue  OR 2) be put to sleep because he needs urgent medical care.

SO as we are sure you can guess, he is SAFE with us and headed to our NC vet partner now for lifesaving treatment. We are told he is terrified, no surprise there! Why should this poor innocent dog trust any humans?”

Zeus has arrived at the rescue’s veterinarian partner and is now being treated with pain relief medication and fluids. Reconstructive surgery is scheduled for Thursday if the medical staff feel he is strong enough to survive. Zeus has an uphill battle; let’s hope he survives.

(Photos of dog with his genitals slashed courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Kim Edmondson) Someone must recognize this dog. Don’t let the monster who committed such an awful act of cruelty get away with this.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC need your help to continue saving these most disturbing cases.  Paypal; or or RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY, NY 10028.

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  1. Dani V Mellian says:

    This story makes my cry poor baby he’s so skinny how could someone deliberately cut this dogs penis and toss him out to die makes me sick! Praying for justice for this boy praying a loving caring home is found for him. Enough is enough! So sad!

    • Ryan Kinsella Harmon says:

      Whoever did this should be put to death in the same manner for which they inflicted upon this baby. No excuse! If we as a country really brought back the death penalty for something as this, animals would have more of a voice. Because they are the same as humans and they deserve justice! Bless this sweet baby and for all the rescuers and Jackie Sullivan and her staff for caring and stepping in to end this constant suffering of the innocent. I support whenever I can, because Jackie and her staff and all the doctors and everyone involved moves Heaven and Earth to give these babies a fighting chance. And every little bit we contribute helps! Bless You! My heart aches for this baby and I pray he will recover and have all the Love he should always have had/ The Freak who did this needs to be destroyed!

  2. linda says:

    Thank you rescuers and to Zeus a painless and speedy recovery. To the assholes that did this I hope your genitals rot over night!

    • Chris seiden says:

      Pamela….I agree 100%. It’s very difficult to remind myself that not all humans are bad….but reading about this horrendous act gives me a flashpoint of hatred for a whole lot of mankind! Prayers that Zeus heals and finds a happy, loving home!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    HONESTLY ! Why this would surprise any of us living out side of NORTH CAROLINA which has become one of the 3 STATES from “LIVING HELL” !! What in the world could this young dog have done to DESERVE SOMETHING AS HORRIFIC AS THIS? I have come to think of this particular STATE the LAND OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!! ZOMBIES and a population of PUTRID ANIMAL ABUSINGS RIFF_RAFF!!! THIS SUBCULTURE of MONOMANIC ABUSERS ARE TRYING TO OUT DO EACH OTHER IN THEIR ” Shock & Awe” Torture!!! These BASTARDS NEED to BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

  4. Debbie says:

    Only a psycho would do such a horrible crime to a defenseless animal. Find him. Make him Pay!!!!!! Justice for another innocent soul coming from the heart of dog fighting country!!!!! Time to clamp down on this entire state. Make the punishment fit the crime! Quit turning a blind eye to this because it means you are equally as guilty for allowing this type of behaviour to continue. If you have a soul you will take a stand!

    • Karen douglad says:

      It is the lame laws, courts, and judges that need to quit turning a blind eye to this horrendous abuse and hand out some serious consequences for these horrible acts of inhumanity. A lot of judges see these cases as nuisances and just want to get them out of their way. Either pass some strict laws or we the people need to pass our own laws. It’s called vigilantism

      • Jackie M. Marsh says:

        If the law’s for animal abuse continue to go without felony stick chg’s instead of lame add judges ignorant to UPHOLDING the law’s to these sick disturbed sociopaths then they will leave society with the only one’s that will do their job for them! Man up or move aside cause we’re sick to death of political no characters no morals no compassion no intellect who allow for the escalating rise in abuse to companion animals getting of with a lousy fine or probation where three punishment didn’t fit the crime as well as horrified to know they will not press in on these dogs being forced to fight lock their sorry ass’s up shut them down for good with harsh sentencing ban puppy mills & farms backyards with the same until they get serious about our innocent canines nothing is going to chg we need to revolt REVOLUTION TIME in America that’s going to get atten… until they stop this deplorable inhumane breeding for profit they will continue there state city county rural nazi Holocaust murdering for which they all should be behind the fence for murdering off these innocent defenceless companion pets!

  5. Mary says:

    Monster is not fit for the person that did this to this precious animal. Words cannot describe the kind of person that would do something like that to an innocent being. Makes me ill to think of the excruciating pain this poor baby went through. The trauma had to be unbearable. Why would anyone think of doing something like this. There is no answer or excuses for this inhumane person. There is no proper punishment. Only hope that he will pay some day, somehow – maybe in the hereafter.

  6. julie lightfoot says:

    Some humans are not fit to breathe air this poor innocent dog Zeus who could commit such an evil act this makes me so cross when will all animal cruelty ever end update please

  7. Sara-Patricia Ann Mason says:

    Every time I think I have heard the worst, I am proven wrong. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man and to precious innocent animals just makes me ill. I can only hope that God will “reward” whoever did this with an appropriate punishment. I’m sending a donation through PalPal for Zeus, and God bless you Thalia Sutton, for stopping to help him and to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for your kind help.. May he survive and flourish!

    • Karen douglas says:

      I never say “just when I think I’ve seen it all anymore” because there is always another one worse or equally as evil to follow.

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping poor Zeus in our prayers, bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saving another dog in North Carolina! Hardly a day goes by where we don’t see some atrocity toward an innocent animal coming out of the Carolina’s. WTH is going on down there? Too much time on their hands they have to abuse animals?

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      Perhaps this STATE has been chosen as a training ground for TERRORIST”S!!! I am SERIOUS and NOT making FUN of the ISSUES !!! It is quite DISTURBING about the SEVERITY of the ATTACKS

      • Theresa Nickey says:

        Penny, sadly you and I both know who is responsible for crimes like this. Not always but usually. As a civilized society we need to address the root of the problem without white washing. Time to cut out the cancers that exist in our society.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        I have questions in that area Too!! But what the Hell a person or Officer of the law, politician, a citizens group you say one word and you are “racist” yet look at the # of photos of the individuals caught and what the Hell is the RATIO of Nationalities doing the abuse… this doesn’t take a magician to conjure up and theory as to what group commits these crimes…

  9. Christine Brown says:

    The same thing ought to be done to the person who did this to Zeus. Karma will get her revenge on you bastard i can guarantee it. You are in my thoughts and prayers Zeus and you are in safe hands now and no need to be scared. Get better soon xxxx

  10. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The police need to find this perverted monster immediately! A life sentence is too nice a punishment for this obscene atrocity!

  11. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    What a sick Bastard!!!! Who could do this???? Whoever did this needs to have the same thing done to them.

  12. Theresa says:

    Heartbreaking Fucking disgusting I’m so sick of these fucking douche bags so call humans I like to round them all up see them die one by one

    • LESLIE says:

      If you are given that opportunity. ..please invite me…i would love to help you out in every possible way !

    • pennysdachshund says:

      This is also my thoughts!!!! Except I have a more serious concern that JUST A DOG HATE GROUP… I FEAR THIS MAY BE SOME SORT OF TRAINING EXERCISE FOR A “RUTHLESS GROUP OF WANT TO BE TERRORIST”S” THAT ARE INSPRIING THE MISGUIDED YOUTH IN THAT DISTURBED STATE. Just this am CNN reported on a youth with knives and HATE NOTES and a PLAN TO KILL OTHER STUDENTS IN HIS SCHOOL IN that very STATE!!!! There needs to be a TERROR IST TASK FORCE SET UP THERE!!! ASAP to INVESTIGATE!!!! Trump is to Busy with Being Trump to pay attention to the rest of the Nation in Crisis!!!

      • Tessa says:

        President Trump cannot fix all the ills caused by years of Liberalism. We have to begin taking matters into our own hands.

      • Mark says:

        This site is about animals not Trump .Btw liberalism caused all the ills? Lol! Suggest you do major research!

  13. Dorothy Fronk says:

    The person or persons who did this to this poor baby should have there genitals cut off and let them suffer like that poor baby!!!!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    A very sick human did this to a dog iit won’t be too long before he abusing child! Piece of a dirtbag

  15. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand ces monstres seront trouvés, ils doivent subir les mêmes choses. Oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent. Pas de pitié pour les barbares.

  16. Mike Crane says:

    If they can do this to a poor helpless pup. I can only imagine what they can do to human. I hope someone gets this son of a bitch and cuts or slices his penis and let him suffer and die!!!!

  17. Trish Waggoner says:

    How could a Human do this to a innocent canine!! That is called Man’s Best Friend!!!
    People are cruel….????

  18. Marissa says:

    Seriously I wish the death penalty would be punishment for these monsters that torture and kill these poor innocent animals. This kind of person doesn’t deserve to live, so why not weed out the trash !!!

  19. Joyce Dutrisac says:

    Fucken sick bastards given a chance I would bash your head in with a baseball bat you coward Fuck

  20. debor33 says:

    I pray the animal or animals who did this to such an innocent creature, are caught & and are punished to the fullest extent of the law or have the same done to them… cruel…..every day is worse than the day b4…..when will it end? Jesus be with Zeus & every angel who is taking care of him.

    • pennysdachshund says:


    • pennysdachshund says:

      IN REALITY it is going to take more the intervention of prayers to PUT A STOP TO THE HORRIFIC CRIMINAL MINDSET of YOUTH AND ADULTS IN NORTH CAROLINA there NEEDS TO BE A FEDERAL TASK FORCE AND IFB INTERVENTION!!!! ASAP !!! Established in the state, Texas, and South CArolina to START!!1

      • Lindsey says:

        Let’s not lump all North Carolinians into your supposed “terrorist” theory. I’m pretty positive that there are extremely demented people in every state, country, etc. Being born and raised in North Carolina and sitting here crying while reading this atrocious article next to my rescue staffy makes me resent the fact that you are just assuming that everyone here is scum. I can’t imagine the pain that this dog went through and I think that the individual who committed this act is indeed scum and doesn’t deserve to draw breath IMO, but please do not lump me in with them because my address says NC. There are great people here who are compassionate and strive to make the world better for man and animal, and I think that many other Carolinians would agree. Maybe instead of trying to make your point with all caps and truly hateful generalizations, we could focus on finding the person who committed this heinous crime- since they are the ones who did this not the state of North Carolina.

  21. Debra Hicks says:

    Why are people so mean and evil. Their actions what they do to animals make me sick I pray the dog makes it someone is out their to love him

  22. Caroline Rader says:

    Thank God for animal lovers with enough heart and compassion to help those in need. Hope the person or people responsible are found. There just isn’t a hell hot enough for some people. My prayers are with Zeus and those looking after him

  23. gayle coulter says:

    There is a special place in HELL for people who hurt animals in any way. They do nothing but show love to their owners. Poor thing. Glad he was rescued and hope he survives.

  24. Elaine Briden says:

    Sick fucking bastard that did that to this sweet pup should be castrated and left in the wilderness somewhere so the wild animals can finish him off. HATE THAT FUCKER????????????????????????

  25. Beverly Zurman says:

    Hoping for a complete mental and emotional recovery for Zeus as well as physical healing. Please update on Zeus.

  26. madamemidlifecrisis says:

    I guess the sick F who cut Zeus’s penis was jealous that he had been blessed w/ bigger “equipment!” I despise the monsters who have literally destroyed a whole breed of dogs, Staffordshire/Pittbull Terriers, w/ 30+ years of abuse & so called “training/toughening up” to make fighting dogs. I have to wonder if there can be a study of Pittbulls with a lineage of no abuse (preferably 5+ generations) to compare w/ the countless others that are/were abused & seeing if the so called proclivities to bite or attack people (occasionally to death) are more prominent in those who come from by abused parents/grandparent… Can this breed of dogs be saved from the future where they will be banned by all cities/towns/states & insurance companies by limiting ownership to registered & background checked owners? I’m tired of seeing these poor dogs being destroyed by a culture of violence & ignorance. Here’s hoping Zeus is able to heal, both physically & emotionally & that Karma returns the “favor” to the tiny endowed savage that did the most unimaginable on top of other abuses & neglect this poor dog endured. I wish that animal cruelty laws were stricter & enforced so that the knuckle dragging mouth breathers who get their jollies by abusing animals would get more than a weak plea deal & a pittance of a fine which does nothing to prevent their returning to abusing, torturing & killing defenseless animals.

  27. Shelly ruscito says:

    Well again I say, punishment to fit the crime, if the sick SOB who did this is found then that person should have his or her genitals cut off.

  28. John says:

    How in Hell can a Person do this to a Dog. I hope whoever did this gets Caught and charged to the Maximum. Jail Time would be nice TOO. Karma will get this Insane Person or Persons.

  29. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC comes through for an animal who was literally tortured by a hunk of sewer slime. I hope Zeus recovers completely and gets the safe loving home he obviously never had. As for the maggot who did this I hope they get exactly what they gave to Zeus – NO MERCY.

  30. Audrey Wilson says:

    There are so many sick bastards in the world today that need their genitals slashed as the thought of them breeding more sick bastards is unthinkable. Poor wee dog, I hope he recovers and that karma bites his abuser in the ass.

  31. LESLIE says:

    Poor baby Zeus. … the pain you have endured in your little life. If tears could heal you by now you would be a healed healthy baby…if only we could do that for you little angel. Fight hard baby, you are loved far and wide. You have your whole life ahead of you to be loved snuggled fed meals and treats. You are worth quadruple your (intended) weight in PLATINUM.


    It’s obvious that the sick bastard, that did this is because he has no balls or dick to survive amongst the human race..He needed the dogs dick, because it was bigger then his pencil dick…Such a mother fucking LOSER!!!!! Savagely toturing a innocent & defenseless puppy… Maggot, oh Karma will find youuuu! I can only hope this pussy piece of shit doesn’t have children….Godbless you Zeus…..

    • Kelly Deleon says:

      I pray for this sweet pups healthy & speedy recovery, both physically & mentally. God bless that sweet baby boy.


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