Sad update on heartbroken dog

Devastating update on heartbroken dog left alone at shelter

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In early May, an article was posted on behalf of a senior Labrador retriever mix who was so devastated and confused at the Ramona Humane Society that he cried whenever he was left alone. The eight-year-old dog, dubbed “Carter,” had been at the San Jacinto, California, animal shelter since April 24.

Carter’s behavior at the facility broke the hearts of volunteers who witnessed his behavior – one volunteer described what happened when Carter was alone:

“Carter wants someone to stay with him in his kennel. He cries when he is left alone. When someone tries to take him out of the kennel to go outside, he drops to the ground. The loud, scary sounding barking dogs all around him have him terrified.”

Tragically, there is no happily-ever-after for this sad boy…the heartbreaking news of Carter’s death was recently posted to social media:

SAD UPDATE: Carter was found non-responsive and collapsed in his kennel and was humanely euthanized this morning.

Carter’s death has certainly shaken those who were fighting for him to be rescued and shown love for the remainder of his life.

Rest in peace Carter.
Prior article about Carter at this link.

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    • DYE says:

      I feel lost and hurt, this poor baby didn’t deserve this, He loved his family and couldn’t let go ,for the family that did this to Carter, may u have only sleepless nights, this is your false, and I hope you don’t have kids ,if so I feel sorry for them, u might drop them off somewhere and never see them again the only difference between a dog and a child is the child grows up and is able to take care of themselves but a dog stays at child forever, you don’t deserve another one of God’s previous dogs u don’t deserve nothing with feeling, REST N PEACE CARTER YOUR PAIN IS OVER ,U R WITH ALL THE DOGGIE ANGELS WAITING ON US DOGGY LOVERS

  1. Pam says:

    RIP. Career !!! Sorry it ended so sadly your useless humans condemned you for being older. You died of broken heart. May karma have her hand in theirs!!!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Broken heart….I am angry and devastated at the same time. Wonder if the owners have kids. I hope they don’t decide to dump them off somewhere, too.

  3. Linda Patton says:

    I hope Carters X humans see this posting and understand they caused this innocent dogs death. Their selfish act of dumping him, taking his entire world away, breaking his heart and shattering his soul also took his life. I hope they suffer horrific trauma and heartbreak during their time here on earth. IF they have any other animals in their home I pray they are removed immediately and taken to safety before they do the same cruel thing to them. They aren’t deserving to care for a maggot, much less any other animal. I can only imagine how they treat their human children if they have any. They surely are not teaching them caring ways, or how to show devotion. I hope their satisfied with them selfs, I hope their happy that they killed a loving dog who would have done anything for them, given total devotion, love, protection, companionship. Rather then loving and appreciation they stripped him of all he knew, took his soul, and walked away. There is no excuse for this… NO EXCUSE! Your animal depends on you to protect them, love them, care for them. In return they will without question die for you, do what ever it takes to protect you. They don’t care if your fat, stinky, crippled, sad. They don’t care if you sleep in a cardboard box under a bridge. As long as your with them, loving them, that’s good enough. That’s all they ask for… your Love! I’m so sorry Carter, I’m so sorry you were treated like you were. You didn’t deserve this, you didn’t deserve to be a bordered. Please forgive the human race for being selfish and not thinking of your feelings. Run free sweet boy, jump in the thick lush grass and sunshine across the Rainbow Bridge. Be happy…. your life was important, you ment so much to all of us. I’m sorry you got stuck with humans who weren’t worthy of your love…

  4. Judy says:

    I was heartbroken when I heard about Carter. He died scared and alone. I hope Carter’s POS owners have Karma knocking on their door real soon.

  5. Marsha Squibb says:

    I’m devastated for this poor lonely forgotten soul…I’m crying as I write this….Had I thought he might live thru a rescue ride to Massachusetts I’d have done so but I think it would have been too depressing for him…He needed a savior locally to foster him and no one stepped up to help…..I’m so VERY sorry Carter….I would have loved you ..I wish I could have saved you darlin…I’ll never forget this poor dog ????????????????

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    CARTER sure in the Hell did NOT DESERVE AN END to HIS LIFE SUCH AS THIS … WE as HUMANE , EDUCATED, DEDICATED, HUMAN BEINGS let this poor boy down… SHAME on ALL of THIS COUNTR”Y for WHAT IS HAPPENING right under our noses!!!

  7. Wendy Houghton says:

    I wondered if they bothered to have him checked out by a vet ?

    If he was “unresponsive” he wouldn’t have had to be euthanized.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    More tears for the mental and emotional torture this sweet baby endured and did not deserve! He just wanted to be safe and loved like all dogs do! That’s all that dogs want from humans….to be loved and to give love! I will NEVER be convinced that he needed to be euthanized,did they have one inkling of why he had collapsed? He was just disposable unwanted property in the eyes of the shelter system and the cruel cruel monsters that abandoned him! My heart is broken! RIP BEAUTIFUL SWEET CARTER I for one will never forget u and the unjust end to ur valuable life! I am STILL haunted by BoBo’s horrific story and Carters too!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I agree with your statement 100%. They never tried to help him, see what was wrong, why he collapsed, they just euthanized him so they didn’t have to bother with him anymore. Disgusting!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I also can’t get this out of my mind this beautiful , sunny , day! My creatures all got extra treats this am, and I do not regret for one moment all the weekend trips , my husband and I miss, because we have responsibilities of our animal’s … to the end of their time on this earth… when I look in their beautiful eyes, ( yes, even when they decided to tear up a pillow ) yesterday I am overwhelmed with love and emotion… I feel distraught that there seems to be so many Carter’s in our country … Yet we allow rescues in from other countries.. Baffles Me!!

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    Such a waste of a beautiful dog, So sorry life let you down Carter, we tried to network and save you but it wasn’t to be. I don’t know how Carter came to be in that “shelter” but someone is to blame for it, I hope they burn in hell for abandoning this precious life! Carter deserved better!

  10. Linda Novak says:

    RIP Carter. To be abandoned is truly devastating for anyone, animals included. To die alone & scared is a fear many have. If only someone had come. I wonder if shelters would allow some of these poor animals to come home with the workers. Everyone needs companionship. I’m so sorry this happened to Carter. Life is such a fragile gift.

  11. susispot says:

    He died from a broken heart. Shame on the people that let him down. Probably the people he loved the most…

  12. Jacqueline says:

    Hey to the owners of this dog. I pray you never have another dog because you don’t deserve to own any animal. This dog was so distraught it died from a heart attack. You dispicable humans dumbed the dog like a bag of trash. Truly sickening pices of shit

  13. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Encore un animal que des (maîtres) ont laissé mourir de tristesse, il n’y a pas pire trahison. HONTE à ces êtres indignes.

  14. Olga says:

    Their is a happily ever after in Heaven where there is only pure love, Peace and joy Ypy always were and are God’s run free in Paradise❤️????????????

  15. Elaine Briden says:

    Awh such a sweet innocent pooch. Just wanted love and to be reassured. Why couldn’t someone take him from there to a temp home with lots of attention. Thats just sooo sad and heartbreaking that humans let him down.

  16. LESLIE says:

    Sweet Cartery heart is broken for you. Run free baby, at the rainbow bridge. May all your heartaches be gone….(ask around at the bridge for my lost angels..
    They will stay with you and bring you to my Dad)
    I’m sorry your last moments were alone. Truly sorry, no one should be alone and scared taking their last breath without a friend to comfort them. I’m sorry Carter. Run free little boy run free

  17. Mair says:

    Carter, you will NEVER be let down by awful humans again. Rest in peace and run free. you are in SUCH a better place now, where you will never be alone and never have to cry again……


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