Police and Animal Control turn their backs on dead dog abandoned in Houston dumpster

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Was it a case of “nothing to see here folks and let’s move on” when a young man at the Pebble Brook Apartments on Gustine Lane in Houston found the lifeless body of a black and white dog in a kennel cage tossed into a dumpster in the development? Although the Houston Police Department filled out a brief report of animal cruelty, there was to be no investigation, no questions asked of area residents nor any attempts to discover the identity of the dog whose life may have meant something to someone – somewhere.

On Tuesday afternoon, animal advocate, Erin Andrews posted the disturbing photo of a deceased dog left in a dumpster; thrown away as if he had been an old couch. On her Facebook page, Erin began:

“…I am not the one who initially found the dog, I am just the one taking further action on it because someone has to or else this type of thing will never change. I don’t find the actions of this poor dogs owner, actions of HPD (Houston Police Department) nor Animal Control to be acceptable, so I’m simply not accepting them. My heart goes out to the young man as well, who made the initial discovery as this is a terrible​ thing to witness, most definitely…”

When police and animal control arrived, both agencies declined to proceed with an investigation stating they didn’t know to whom the dog belonged. Perhaps what is shocking is no one claimed to have seen someone carrying a cage with a dead dog through the apartment parking lot and casually tossing the animal’s body into the trash? What did the dog die of, and were they natural causes or was he starved and tortured? Will that kind of animal cruelty could continue because authorities don’t want to bother? After all to many of them, it’s just a dog.

During Erin’s followup for more information with neighbors from the complex, one resident stated authorities said there was no proof that the dog wasn’t already dead when tossed into the dumpster, nor that the animal belonged to anyone living in the apartments. Animal Control allegedly told the resident that “100s of dogs are found like this every day in Houston, so basically get over it and move along.” At that point, police and animal control removed the dog and his crate from the dumpster – placing it on the lawn of the apartments. Several hours later, the maintenance department removed the dead dog and his crate.

“And yes, this poor boy did deserve better. I can only hope to give him some kind of justice for the disregard his disgusting owner has shown towards him by doing this.” posted Erin. “Even if all I can provide to the poor dog is a lot of people paying their respects to him on this post, at least he was not just discarded and forgotten about and at least his life mattered to someone, even if it did not matter to the one person it should have mattered to the most. At least there are some who cared and maybe somehow, some way, something good can come of this, even if it came too late for this poor boy. Even if no legal justice is served in the end, this is the least I can do for him is to try to right this wrong and to show that there are some who care and that his life did matter to us, even if not to others.”

Rest in peace sweet dog. Advocates have promised to continue their investigation. It is hoped there were surveillance cameras and clues to the dog’s identity and owner can be discovered. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of the dog found in dumpster courtesy of Erin Andrews Facebook page)

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  1. “100s of dogs are found like this every day in Houston, so basically get over it and move along.” about says it all for Texas! Nobody cares if dogs are abused, shot, starved. it happens every day and they are “only a dog”! Shameful! I know there are people in Texas that DO care, and I feel for them with this sort of response, because how will anything ever change. Rest in peace poor dog,

  2. As usual cops turn a blind eye to animal cruelty – in fact, they are participants in many cases. I have no respect for them. They have proven over and over their lack of humanity towards animals, their cover ups and their willingness to ignore animal cruelty. This poor dog deserved MUCH better – way to go Houston – you keep right on proving that most of the police department was recruited from under a rock.

    • I’m totally appauled that any official could be so callus and heartless. This poor dog lived, he/she had feelings, felt pain, craved love, gave love. He/she deserved better as a living being. To cross over no matter what the reason and be thrown into your death cage and tossed into a dumpster like common trash is horrific! The officials who placed the dog on the grass, dead in its kennel, to bake in the sun and heat, and just turn and walk away need to be fired. That act is beyond heartless!!! I pray what ever human did/caused this is found and properly charged and given a long prison term. The abuse, torture, neglect that goes on in this world today is beyond any understanding. It surpasses all morals and falls into deep evilness. Our legal system(s) allow it to continue. Rather then properly sentencing these vile twisted humans, they slap their hands and call it a day, the system tells them it’s okay to do, there is no punishment. And it teaches the children it’s alright to do as well. Our courts need to step up and do the right thing, humans need to fall on their knees and give themselfs to God… I’m sickened by this act, by the non caring police departments, by the entire human race. God help us all… this world is doomed. There are no morals, no love, no compassion…

      • I am beyond words anymore for the cold hearted world we live in. I think its time to admit that evil is winning against good. At one time I always had faith that good will prevail over evil,and thank God it did,but something has shifted in our universe and evil has gotten the upper hand. Its much easier to give into evil than do the right thing. Too much work in being good,and where does that get you,certainly not wealth. Its way easier to steal,lie,take whatever you want. To disregard anything or anyones morals,values,right from wrong,respect,opinion,truth or integrity as insignificant.
        Theyve considered their human level above all that and are more entitled to only what they believe the way it should be.
        The “Red button” has been pushed,it wont be long before the world destructs.
        My heart goes out to you my love. R.I.P.

    • I too called the Governor G. Abbott Hotline today!!! may if he get’s several thousand calls it will inspire him….

      • I have read your comments about the 3 states that have soo much animal abuse being unpunished. I agree!!!!!!

  3. Well this Makes SENSE TO ME!!! After all this is TEXAS !!! AND I GET SHIT because I HATE the IDEALS of this “NO STAR STATE””” !!! the Torture, Butcher’s, Neglect, Horrific dismemberment of body parts, blinding, INCREASES not DAILY but HOURLY!!!! The cops don’t give one ELEPHANT TURD about this, and TURN THSIR HEADS

    • You are referring to the Houston spca, well the dog found in the dumpster looks like a pit bull mix, and Houston spca kills all their pit bulls. They refuse to adopt them out, so they definitely do not care on bit about this poor dog.

  4. Abusers need to be held accountable so they don’t repeat what they are doing. We need more cameras and the Police need to CARE MORE and go out of their way MORE to help STOP THIS ABUSE to our precious animals.

  5. And welcome to our grandiose society nothing means anything to anyone unless it does something for them
    Sweet dog run free from pain in my book of not forgotten you will be remembered ????????????

  6. I’m so glad they are investigating this further. Useless animal control and police, good for nothing in that town obviously. Thats a horrible way to treat your dog. Could have at least buried it, ignorant fuckers. I agree 100% with the animal advocate, if you let it slide and not treat it with seriousness, then it will keep happening more and more.

    • The cops and Animal,Control are NOT investigating. They have washed their hands of this. Erin Andrews and others are doing their own legwork to see if they can get some answers for the poor soul

  7. I don’t live in Texas but unfortunately this goes on in every large city to every small crack in the wall town. Until animal abusers are forced to have consequences this will never, ever change. Why should they – kill your dog – what price are you going to have to pay? None. The Police aren’t going to look for you and if you are caught, the Judge doesn’t give a shit. The way to do this is let the punishment fit the crime.

    • I agree and also any public official who refuses to arrest and prosecute these cases should be fired and put in prison!

  8. This is total BULLSHIT!!!! Those individuals need to be relieved of their duties since they don’t want to help.

    • Entièrement d’accord avec vous, ceci est inadmissible et monstrueux. Il y a trop de barbares dans ce monde, s’est pour ça que je préfère les animaux, ils ont une âme et bien plus de coeur que l’espèce humaine. Que l’enfer s’abatte sur eux.

  9. Thank you, Erin, for making the public be aware of these actions by people who are hired to do a job which includes stopping animal cruelty. I hope those responsible are found and punished severely. RIP poor little puppy. I’m so sorry you were in the hands of evil people, but you are free now to run happy and healthy. Those who hurt you will find karma is a bitch and I hope they suffer long and hard.

  10. I saw Erin’s post last night and it sickend me! I live here and along with thousands of others, fight an uphill battle EVERYDAY to save the lives of so many of our abused, abandoned, and neglected animals. We are the second largest state in the nation with such cultural diversity. Between ignorance, cultural attitudes, and lack of empathy, we also have a government who choses to turn a blind eye to our MAJOR homeless pet population problem!!! It trickles down to animal control and law enforcement agencies. Although we do have animal protection laws, they are worthless if not enforced. It starts there!! Citizens can only do so much. It’s infuriating and frustrating because IT NEVER ENDS!!! Please, I beg you, spread the word! Share this story! If you need more, I can provide you with way too many! Write letters, inform the media. If this angers you (and it should), take a moment and take action. Every person counts. Every dog’s life counts!!!! This baby’s life mattered!!

  11. This is Sad and Disturbing!! I think we are on to something really Dark and Evil when all of our Humanity Fades Away!! Soon we will see more Human Dumpster Bodies as well. I guess if its in Big Cities where there is Violence ,they will just say, ” It happens here everyday, JUST GET OVER IT”

  12. And it’s this exact kind of attitude as to why we have piss poor laws and no punishment to the crime of animal cruelty!! Until these evil monsters start getting significant punishment I will continue to feel that the only reason animal cruelty was made a low level crime is so that the courts system can make money off of the fines meted out NO MATTER how horrific and brutal the treatment and or death of a companion animal! I don’t understand why they take the time and energy to arrest these monsters if they refuse to punish them,other than to make money off of the fines imposed! IDIOTIC,IMMORAL AND DOWN RIGHT OUTRAGEOUS! RIP SWEET DOG

  13. What happened will never be found out. Cause the cops dont care about people or animals. Rest in peace dear doggie. Wish someone loved you and you would have had a good life. I cry for you

  14. “100s of dogs are found like this every day in Houston” – are you effing kidding me????? That’s a HUGE problem. If the cops don’t give a damn, someone else should.

  15. This is horrible.. words cannot express the outrage! If this happens we have to put a stop to it immediately. Poor dog and all the others I have read about this goes to each and every one. You are important to me, humans are aren’t, they are just scumbags


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