Sad and confused dogs

Chubby siblings depressed and confused after owner moved and left them behind

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Two dogs are sad and confused after everything in their life turned upside down when their owner moved and left them behind at a busy animal control agency in Chicago, Illinois. The dogs, Tyke and Bella, are both “chubby,” but sweet.

Tyke and Bella are housed in separate kennels at the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility – after the dogs arrived, the CCAC Dog Transfer Team Facebook page described the impact that being homeless has had on sweet Bella:

Bella is very sad in her cage. She curls up on her blanket in the corner. She was very easy to leash up and wags her tail when you approach her cage. She was very easy to handle on a leash. It seems as though she struggles walking a bit and gets tired easily. She appears very overweight and could benefit from losing some pounds, as it seems like she is uncomfortable walking at times. She loves walking around the yard and would stop often to sit and to take breaks. Her tail wags when you pet her, but she does seem confused with her new surroundings.

Tyke’s information was posted as well:

Tyke is very calm in his cage and he easily comes out. He walks nicely on leash and likes to sniff a lot. He’s a calm guy. Walked around the run with a toy in his mouth but didn’t do more than that. He took treats gently but wasn’t terribly food motivated. Tyke was surrendered with Bella. Bella was happy to see him.

Tyke and Bella are “rescue only.” Please read the following information from the CACC Dog Transfer Team Facebook page with regards to rescuing homeless pets from this facility:

General Information
Please do NOT call the shelter to inquire about any dogs you see on the CACC Rescue page. The volunteer Transfer Team was created to help with this, so please send a note via our Facebook page ♥ Thank you!!

Since these dogs are not on the adoption floor due to reasons such as space or medical, we need rescue groups to pull them asap.

FOSTER OPPORTUNITIES: If you want to foster a dog on this page, learn more about fostering here: And then please contact any of our approved partners. Let them know you are interested in this particular dog at Chicago ACC and ask for a foster application. Approved CACC Homeward Bound partners are listed here:

(Image via Josh Feeney)

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12 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    If you can’t take your animals w/you when you move, then DON’T go – this is just a piss poor excuse that you hear all the time. Never, ever would I move anywhere where my animals were not welcome. Chubby and Bella should be together – apparently Chicago Animal Care and Control could care less about their welfare – another lousy example of a place that has no concern for the animals care whatsoever. These places DO NOT CARE and that word should be eliminated. There is NO CARE.

    • tina says:

      It could have been a company transfer out or they are in the military. Even so they were given time to find these dogs good homes and they waited til the last minute.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess I don’t understand why they have separated them, wouldn’t they be better if they were together in a cage. I don’t understand why they are rescue only either. I hope and pray they find a loving home together, and I hope and pray the uncaring humans that dumped them there never are blessed with a pet again!

    • CLue says:

      They are in cages next to each other. Per CACC Dog Transfer Team, “The kennels are not large enough for two big dogs.”

  3. John says:

    I hope Karma gets the Formal Owner that Moved and Left these 2 Dogs behind. So very Sad. Dogs are Family Members.

  4. Elaine Briden says:

    Awh poor pups. I fucking hate ignorant jackasses that can so easily drop their pets off at an animal control. When are people going to learn and use their heads. Don’t get animals if you have no intention of thinking of them like one of your babies, and look after them forever. That makes me want to go postal ????????????????????????????


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