Update on utterly terrified dog

Utterly terrified dog
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A great deal of networking took place this week for an utterly terrified dog named “Mamas.” The young Dogue de Bordeaux was surrendered by her family to the San Bernardino City Animal Control, and she was confused and terrified about her situation.

Happily, there is good news to share about Mamas. On Tuesday, Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue Inc. pulled Mamas from the animal control agency. Shortly after being pulled, her rescuers updated Facebook followers with a post about her freedom ride:

Picking up Mamas now named Loretta from SBC. We are listening to the Johnny Cash station during our little road trip so thought it was fitting. She’s absolutely terrified! 😢 I had to carry her out to the car. She buried her head in the corner the second she got in it. Happier days ahead mamas! I have no doubt with a little TLC she’s going to perk right up!

Mamas (aka Loretta) is now safe and out of harm’s way thanks to the agency which took her in. Anyone who would like to make a donation towards her care can do so at this link.

Mamas' ride home

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  1. Penny and Cheryl: without PET RESCUE and the networking this dog would have been gone with a day or two at the most because of her being so VERY FRIGHTENED!!! PAW PRINTS IN THE SAND IS A WORTHY AND CARING RESCUE AND SO MUCH NEEDED IN OUR ‘COUNTRY OF SHAME!! for the way we have become in the treatment of OUR LOVING AND DESEVERING COMPANION ANIMAL’s… I NEVER even HAD a CONCEPT that our USA would become no different than a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY yet “HERE WE ARE” … This is a BLOT on the ‘ STARs and STRIPES of AMERICA! I for ONE Born and Raised Citizen of this country am Truly ASHAMED!!! Bless the Rescues, and the sites like yours.. and my thoughts are with this lovely animal ..

    • Thank you so much for your kind words about Paw Prints in the Sand. Loretta is doing great! She is starting to come out of her shell little by little.

  2. Thank you Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue Inc. for saving this precious girl. Keeping “Loretta” in our prayers and know she is headed for a bright future!.

  3. I went to bed worried about this dog last night. This is such great and happy news. Looking forward to sleeping tonight. Thank you sooooooo much, Paw Prints, for your compassion and rescue of this bewildered, terrified dog.

  4. To the Family that surrender this Dog should be ashamed. I Hope Karma gets you. Dogs and Cats are Family Members. You don’t throw them away like Trash.

  5. Huge THANK YOU to Paw Prints & Sand Animal Rescue for saving Mamas/Loretta – Now all she needs is the safe loving home she never had – Dogue de Bordeaux are expensive dogs and whoever dumped her has their brains where the sun doesn’t shine.


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