Charges pending for owner who left starving Mastiff chained during freezing weather

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Charges of animal cruelty are pending against the owner of a seven-year-old, starving Mastiff found on Thursday chained outside on a property near Hope.

According to the B.C. SPCA, the dog named Handsome is extremely emaciated and had been tethered by a heavy chain left shivering in  the ice and snow. A bucket of water, frozen over with ice had been nearby along with a thin wooden doghouse with no insulation or bedding to keep the dog from freezing in the inclement weather.

Handsome was found extremely emaciated, outside, tethered on a heavy chain, surrounded by ice and snow. A bucket of water, frozen over with ice, was nearby, as well as a thin wooden doghouse without insulation or bedding that was surrounded with ice.

“This poor boy was visibly shaking – he’s so thin, his bones are clearly visible, with very little to no body fat the dog is unable to maintain its body heat,” says BC SPCA senior animal protection officer Eileen Drever. “He was rushed to the vet, who found him to be emaciated, with a body condition score of only 1 (out of 9). That is nowhere near healthy for any dog, let alone one who was left outside in extremely cold weather without access to adequate shelter.”

Drever says it is impossible to comprehend how anyone could allow a dog to be chained up, in such frigid winter weather conditions.

“We rescue thousands of animals from heartbreaking situations every year at the SPCA, but cases like this are particularly shocking,” she says.

In a Facebook post, the staff at the B.C. SPCA thanked so many animal advocates for their donations to help not only Handsome but other pets who need emergency help:

BC SPCA (BCSPCA) And just like that, beautiful & generous people have helped cover all of Handsome’s initial medical costs! There just aren’t enough thank yous in this world to give.
Not only have people covered his estimated costs, but you have also gone above and beyond with donations that will go towards Animal Cruelty Investigations just like Handsome’s, which are entirely donor funded. Anything raised here that Handsome doesn’t need will go to animals that are also in need of desperate help. Thank you Thank you Thank you everyone!

So many heroes and compassionate humans helping those who cannot speak – many thanks to everyone.

(Photos of starving Mastiff by the BC SPCA)

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5 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Hopefully charges will be filed against the owner and he/she will be put in jail for a long time. So glad people came together and Handsome will be well taken care of!

  2. Helen says:

    It always break my heart when I see a starved neglected dog or any animal. Boo, my rescued mastiff looked just like Handsome when I adopted him. Boo’s foster mom delivered him to my home, and even though he gained some weight, he still looked like a walking skeleton. This was almost 11 years ago and Boo is still with me. Find the heartless human trash who starved Handsome and throw the sorry ass in jail!


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