On death row: All dressed up for a new life but nobody is coming

Einstein’s life will end shortly at the Brooklyn facility of the New York City Animal Care Center; this boy is on death row. He’s a young, healthy and adoptable pup, yet he sits in a cage day after day waiting for someone to take him home. Somewhere Einstein must think a family is looking for him, but where are they?

So he is dressed up for a Christmas celebration -volunteers make him a favorite, and suddenly they hear Einstein is leaving and going home. Everyone is jubilant, but not for long – somehow, somewhere and for no reason specified, the adopters changed their mind; Einstein has no home. Instead he is placed on death row. Everyone’s heart sank.

“A volunteer writes: It doesn’t take a genius to see how Einstein got his name! He’s smart! He learned quickly how to get me to give him about half my bag of treats (sit, smile, get a treat and repeat!), he seems house trained and though at times he can be pully, walks nicely on the leash. Einstein loves to play with toys, and given his higher energy, needs a future home that can provide lots of exercise and walks! At times, Einstein can be a bit mouthy, but given his high intelligence, he should be able to be taught more appropriate behaviors in no time! While E=MC SQUARED, YOU + Einstein will definitely equal love! Ask to meet him today!”

A Facebook page for this boy can be followed here.

Why is Einstein slated to die?  He is homeless and was brought to the city high kill shelter where he contracted a doggie cold.

“So I ask you to take one final look into his eyes – what do you see? I see a a sweet boy full of joy and hope looking for one person in a city of millions to love him,” begged a volunteer Julie, who is hoping someone can make the difference between life and death for a beautiful dog let down by humans.

Please share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. There is not much time left for a young dog who deserves to have a happy life ahead of him. Can you help?

EINSTEIN, ID # 15866 Estimated To Be 3 Years Old, 51.6 lbs.
Brooklyn cc, Tan, Unaltered Male
Owner Surrender Reason: STRAY
Shelter Assessment Rating: EXPERIENCED HOME
Behavior Condition: 2. Blue

If you would like to adopt a dog on the “To Be Killed” list, and you CAN get to the shelter in person to complete the adoption process **within 48 hours of reserve**, you can reserve the dog online until noon on the day they are scheduled to die. We have provided the Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan information below. Adoption hours at these facilities is Noon – 8:00 p.m. (6:30 on weekends)

HOW TO RESERVE A “TO BE KILLED” DOG ONLINE (only for those who can get to the shelter IN PERSON to complete the adoption process, and only for the dogs on the list NOT marked New Hope Rescue Only). Follow our Step by Step directions below!


STEP 1: CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK: https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List
Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.
Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs
Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve
Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)nycacc.org

(Photos and video of Einstein on death row courtesy of Animal Care Centers and Must Love Dogs)

A final plea for his life can be seen in the following video:

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24 replies
  1. irene mcgarry says:

    Someone Please Rescue Einstein! He’s So Cute and doesn’t Deserve to Die! Please Adopt and give Einstein a Home and Love for Christmas!!

  2. Irene Mcgarry says:

    Please Rescue Einstein! There’s got to be someone that would be able to give this Cutie a Home and the Love He Needs!! Please Adopt For Christmas!!

  3. Alan says:

    Bless him, PLEASE SOMEONE UP THER GIVe HIM A LOVING HOME_I AM IN FLORIDA AND financially strapped but I would save him in a heartbeat. Come on people it’s Christmas!

  4. Tim says:

    whats the fucking point of this shelter if all they do is put dogs on a kill list, Hope all that run or is involved with this dump die real slow then rot in hell

      • Ellen Cottone says:

        The fact is these shelters do what they can .
        The fact is your abrasive comments do nothing to help solve the problem of house pets on death row.
        The fact is , what are you doing about this national problem happening real time in your own back yard Tim?
        Maybe you should put Your money where your mouth is, get your tail off the couch and do something about the problem of animals on death row. Be part of the solution, not part of the ugly problem.

      • linda says:

        Ellen bravo for your comments. Tim I don’t like kill shelters any more than you do, but do you have a better solution? These shelters cannot accommodate the many strays and owner surrenders. Place the blame on the assholes who abandon their pets.

  5. Joan S says:

    I will pledge $150.00 to any approved rescue who saves Einstein! Just e-mail me with your Paypal address or website address! (correction)


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