41 puppies and dogs saved from being euth’ed in Houston arrive at Ohio rescue

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With a crisis of overcrowded animal shelters in Houston, 41 puppies (with a few adult dogs ) took a 24-hour trip to Columbus, Ohio in a van heading to the Humane Society of Delaware County. All of the dogs had been at shelters in Houston and would have been euthanized.

“The HSDC is so excited and appreciative of our Texas connections to partner in an effort to save the lives of so many innocent and adorable lives!”

With the cooperation of the Houston organization K-9 Angels Rescue, arrangements were made to provide cages, blankets and towels for the long trip. Natalie Yeager, the intake coordinator for the Humane Society of Delaware County, had noticed there had been a shortage of puppies for would be adopters in Columbus; all of the work involved in getting the puppies ready for their trip would be a “win win” for the pooches in peril. During an interview with AbcNews , Natalie shared the good news upon their arrival on Thursday evening:

“We are going to keep adults here. We’re going to keep some puppies here also to have them fixed, spayed and neutered…Some of the younger ones are being sent out into foster until they’ve had their shots and they’re ready for adoption. They can come back and get spayed and nurtured and be ready for their families too,”

For more information, contact the HSDC; adopt your new best friend.

(Photos of 41 puppies and dogs saved from being euth’ed via K-9 Angels Rescue and HSDC)

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Video – listen to the puppies sing:

Puppies!!!! Listen to the symphony!

Posted by Humane Society of Delaware County on Thursday, June 29, 2017

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  1. Sherry says:

    This is wonderful news! Glad to see a lot of lives being saved with a hope for a decent life for all of these animals! Love to see good news on here!

  2. Sheri says:

    That’s wonderful news!!! I hope they all find the loving homes they deserve in Ohio. Thank you K-9 Angels and HSDC!!!!!

  3. pennys dachshund says:

    Well a few were lucky ENOUGH to get the hell out of TEXASS ALIVE!!!! HURRAY for the RESCUER”S for working so hard to accomplish this!!!

  4. susispot says:

    Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say when 41 lives are saved together. What a wonderful thing to see.


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