Stray Bolivian dog gets new life after photo tweeted by popular singer

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A mangy mutt who roamed the capital city of LaPaz in Bolivia had few chances of ever finding a home until he was spotted by a popular singer who tweeted the poor pooch’s photo on Twitter and started a viral campaign for his rescue. According to the Daily Mail, Choco, the stray Bolivian dog, who was riddled  with  mats and fleas, looked more  like “Cousin Itt” from the Addams Family story than a dog.cousin-itt

All of that changed as singer Monica Ergueta Romero, 39, tweeted Choco’s  photo; her fans immediately rallied to the desperate plea to save a life. Monica expressed her anger that someone could abandon the stray Bolivian dog and allow this to happen. Just two days later, 12-year-old Choco had been captured,  bathed, shaved and groomed.

Helping Choco to his new life  was the rescue group, ‘Ciudadanos en Defensa de los Animales-Bolivia’ (Citizens in Defence of Animals-Bolivia) along with the help of Giovanni Aliaga. Choco had been left behind when his family moved away and he had existed on scraps kind people had fed him. Because of his matted coat, the dog could barely move and when anyone tried to help him, Choco would act aggressively – thus hindering any rescue attempts.monica-erqueta-2

When captured, Choco was fine. The lonely dog just needed some tender, loving care. He has since been adopted, and one more life has been saved because of a kind heart. Many thanks to Monica  Ergueta Romero. You and all of the rescuers involved in saving Choco are heroes.

(Photos via Twitter and Daily Mail screenshot)

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