Deputy shoots tethered family dog while serving summons

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A family in Raleigh, Tennessee mourns the loss of their beloved tethered family dog who was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon by a Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy while serving a civil summons to a person who didn’t live in the home. According to the Local Memphis, Anita Gray’s nine-year-old Akita named Carebear had been on a leash as usual – 24/7.

“My dog didn’t have a chance to bark or growl like she normally does. It was just two shots,” stated Anita.

And so it was confirmed by Anita’s grandson, Anfernee Talley who stated:

“The dog is on the leash 24/7. Dog still on the leash while she laying here dead.”

But according to the spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the tethered family dog attacked  him as he approached the porch and came at the officer barking. When the officer tried to put his hand out to allow the dog to smell him, Carebear went for the deputy’s foot and ankle and bit him twice. The officer is expected to fully recover, but there still remains a big difference in the circumstances leading to Carebear’s shooting death.

Anita has had Carebear since she  was two years old, and the dog’s death reflects a significant loss to the family. The Commercial  Appeal has Anita denying the reports alleging her dog bit the officer.

“He’s saying that he got bit, which is not true,” Gray said. “The paramedics came and said it was just a scratch. He’s saying a bite.”

The summons the deputy served was  for  Anita’s daughter, sent by a  car dealership; her  daughter no longer lives with her. What is to be said  of a tethered dog being shot dead? What is to be said about a dog that might only be protecting her family? Is that the way Carebear’s life should have ended? And  equally as tragic, Anita said the deputy never even apologized for killing her dog.

Rest in peace Carebear.

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18 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Since it’s Tennessee this superior law enforcement officer for Shelby County will Most Likely get and Officer of the Year Award for his heroic effort’s in removing a dog that was tethered ( which I also don’t this is right) and he could have easily AVOIDED ! !!! Tennessee is the most BACKWARD STATE in THE UNION!!!

  2. edward says:

    It is simple make sure you get on Facebook and every f****** thing you can possibly think of to have this guy thrown off the f***** then to the s*** out of him she’s never on the force again and God forbid holds a gun

    • Merlynn says:

      The problem is that because the lack of enforcement for abuse and cruelty by the police department, it’s easy for one of them to kill a defenseless dog on it’s own property and get a way with it. The ones you need to hold accountable is the politicians that see to it that any improvement to the laws are buried and never approved or put in front of the public for vote. Tennessee is very behind the times, I think you guys have one of the highest rates of domestic violence as well as other statistics that prove that due to the lack of response by the eligible voters, you guys are decades behind some of the other states that are trying to get progressive in educating their police forces, as well as improving the overall response and actions required in holding people accountable for instances like this, they are trying to improve the laws for animal welfare, Tennessee needs to get with it, or they will always be considered backwords and uneducated!

  3. d fairbanks says:

    So sick and tired of these BRUTES / THUGS killing our family pets! A tethered dog CAN be walked around in one way or another: there was no reason whatsoever for killing Carebear! If the paramedics say the p***y was SCRATCHED, he was scratched, not bitten, and as usual, he is LYING to justify a crime, something cops do every single day! That tells us he knows he was in the wrong right off the bat. This is why people hate cops, and why so many people who don’t already hate or mistrust them are starting to: they are willing to kill the innocent because they’re scared of their own shadows.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    This falls under the “you have got to be kidding” category, What kind of morons is the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department allowing on their force. Why do you shoot a dog that is tethered when you can just steer clear of it! The whole department should be ashamed of themselves! Now for the owner, why is your dog tethered 24/7? It doesn’t sound to me that Carebear had much of a life to begin with, Another example of bad dog ownership and police inadequacy!

    • susispot says:

      I’m with you. Trigger happy dimwit cop and neglectful pet owner. RIP Carebear. You were more than a yard ornament. Too bad your people didn’t treat you better before you life was cut short.

  5. Samantha S says:

    Always angry when a beloved pet gets shot… especially by Peace Officers… Poor Carebear… not only did she spend her life tied up in the yard 24/7( not sure how that constitutes loving your pet but) now her life was ended for no apparent reason.. tragic all the way around

  6. Gail says:

    This deputy needs to be fired. Dog was tethered so he should have just walked around him. He is a good example of why so many people hate cops!

  7. Janet says:

    Why would the poor dog be tethered 24/7? Anyone who loves their dog would never do that to a pet. As for the stupid lying officer, he should be fired. Why shoot a tethered anumal? Both parties are at fault for this poor dog’s death. An animal should NEVER be tethered 24/7. Tennessee is a backward state.

  8. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I try hard to respect the police, but there have been too many cases of them shooting dogs – and even unarmed humans – lately. Something seriously needs to be done. A tethered dog? The officer would most likely have been able to skirt around the area the dog could reach. If he felt threatened by the dog, they should have simply moved back, out of the range of the dog. It’s a pretty sad situation and I feel so badly for the family. I hope they sue….. RIP, Carebare. Then again, perhaps this is better than living your live on the end of a tether and not curled up on a soft dog bed in the house with the family that should love you.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I agree with you about how they were treating the dog, but there was NO reason for the deputy to kill the dog and she certainly didn’t deserve to die like this. She deserved to find a loving home!

  9. Just a thought says:

    Two decades as a cop. I can say up front I think that deputy screwed up. you don’t let tethered dogs sniff your hand. you stay out of their range. Also, anyone who knows dogs KNOWS 24-hour tethering negatively affects their personality, it tends to make them mean. that is why you don’t approach a tethered dog. Deputy was incredibly stupid in what he did. Owners were just cruel.

    • What a shame says:

      “Jusy a thought” – best comment on here. Two decades of sharing my home with Akitas and many years of Akita rescue, I agree 100%. The Akita breed is awesome if/when responsibly cared for, trained, and handled (not the case here). Dogs are territorial and tethering them establishes THEIR territory. Neglect on both parties.


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