Serenity: Puppy’s sad face and plight steals your heart

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Rescued from the Corpus Christi Animal Control in Texas on Monday, the young puppy had been wheeled in on a cart all covered in motor oil. Her former owners surrendered her – Serenity, as the puppy soon was to be named, suffered from extreme neglect and abuse. And even worse, the pup tested positive for the all too common and often fatal parvovirus. Who would save her?serenity-the-dog-cover

As a social media plea quickly went viral when Serenity’s sad face and hopeless plight emerged, Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue, located in Three Rivers, Massachusetts stepped up to help. The suffering puppy, too weak to stand or walk, was immediately transferred to Callaghan Hospital in San Antonio Texas. Her condition remains serious. On Friday, the organization posted Serenity’s update to supporters on Facebook:

serenity-the-dog“As if things couldn’t get worse for Serenity, Dr G called us today and stated she needs entropian surgery on her eyes as soon as she is well enough to handle it. Heartworm negative, Lyme negative, Giardia negative, appears to have démodex mange not sarcoptic; unfortunately is parvo + but receiving antibiotics and fluids. She has eaten very little by mouth, has not had vomited today but continues to have loose stools.

She is very weak but still her tail slowly wags; she is a pathetic site has the posture of Eyore. She brings our volunteers and medical staff to tears.”

Serenity has a long road ahead of her, but volunteers have no intention of giving up. Once she is healthy enough to travel, the puppy will be on her way to the Northeast where a foster home environment will help her during her recovery until she is able to be adopted. To donate to her care, please click here, or Paypal here. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 61 Three Rivers, MA 01080.serenity-the-dog-sleeping

(Photos of Serenity via Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue)

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Check our Serenity’s short video:



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  1. I live in mass .I’m so sorry we prosecute her we have laws it’s time to use them please Massachusetts step up do the right thing .

  2. I am a person who used to have seizures, now not many. My do passed away two years ago. She was a 6 yr old Florida poodle rescue, I had the honor of being her Mom and training her for 14 years. My cousin is a veterinarian here in TX. I am in Corpus, I would like to adopt Serenity but cannot afford to get her well in my income but can feed her and keep up her yearly and maintenance meds. I can train her as a service dog to never leave my side.


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