Rescued pit bull won mayoral race in Kentucky

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A rescued pit bull won the mayoral race in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, with the most popular votes, defeating a diverse group of opposing candidates including a cat, a chicken and even a jackass. According to the Facebook page, Brynn, the dog named Brynneth Pawltro received 3,367 votes in a landslide victory on November 8.

So what made this election unique besides there having been no name calling or sign carrying rallies in town? The election was held to be a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash General Store, which had been devastated by a fire and needed expensive repairs. Each vote cost one-dollar to cast; voters could cast as many ballots as they could afford. Quite frankly, even drinking alcohol was encouraged, since imbibing seemed to have encouraged more votes; to the tune of  $8,965, which will go towards rebuilding the store.pit-bull-as-mayor-store

“She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog. She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” stated Bobbi Kayser, a member of the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in Kentucky; where the voting took place.

As to Brynneth’s background (also known as Brynn) – yes she was born in the United States and is owned by college student Jordie Bamforth, who works for an animal hospital. Dogs seem to fare well in elections in Rabbit Hash. This is the fourth canine mayor – followed by the memorable Goofy in 1998, Junior and Lucy Lu. It’s interesting to note that Lucy Lu, a Border collie, did not seek re-election this year and decided to retire – having been the first dog mayor who didn’t die while still holding office.

(Photos for a rescue pit bull won via Facebook Brynn)

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