Hyderabad abandoned dead dog reduced to ‘heap of fur’

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A Hyderabad dog breeder who abandoned  his breeding dogs in a kennel has not been seen for at least a month- leaving ten dogs to starve a slow torturous death with no food or water. An abandoned dog’s dead body had been reduced to a “heap of fur.’

According to NDTV, of the ten reported dogs to have been discovered on Sunday, six had died and the other four are stated to be fighting for their lives. The owner of the kennel had not been on the premises for over a month; his caretaker absent for over two weeks. Area residents reported a terrible stench emanating from the property thus prompting them to call the police. A neighbor who went over to the property to investigate described the disturbing scene:

“There were insects all over the dogs that were alive. The pug’s face had insects too. Another dog was chained in one enclosure; the dog had been reduced to a heap of fur.”

By night time some of the bodies of the dogs had been removed, however local heartbroken and angry residents say the smell of the dead dogs still remains. The Blue Cross of Hyderabad, an animal welfare organization, is investigating. Police are assisting in the case.

As for the surviving dogs, rescue workers state there is only a slight chance the dogs will survive. It is unknown if the dogs were being bred or if they were stolen and being resold. Rest in peace poor pooches. We are sorry you had to suffer by the hands of horrible culprits.

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(Photo “heap of fur” via NDTV screenshot)


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  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    Hopefully this bastard is found…he should suffer the same fate won’t tho.Put this.p.o.s.in jail for YEARS!!I am sooo sick and sad reading about animal abuse every day.These a-holes need to be punished severely to set an example…so sad for these dogs…….

  2. edward says:

    Dear lowlife piece of s*** If I Was President of the United States I haven’t heard from throw you in person to the rescue of missable f****** life piece of s*** you’re nothing but garbage okay cuz my best friend’s call Carmen you might have heard of her and she’s a b****

  3. Frances Romano says:

    How sad that anyone can just walk away from living breathing beings like they were yesterday’s trash. How those dogs suffered is beyond comprehension. I hope that one day the person that abandoned these animals somehow reap what they have sown. God Bless you sweet dogs, my heart aches for you all.


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