Dog trapped and unable to move between two walls for three days

For three days, a dog remained trapped and unable to move between two walls in Hyderabad, India. In a rescue operation on Wednesday night, rescuers were successful in freeing the pooch trapped in the narrow … Read More

More cruelty in India as driver chains stray dog to car and drags it over a mile

In New Delhi, India another egregious case of animal cruelty occurred on Friday night when the driver of a car is alleged to have chained a stray dog and dragged the helpless animal for over … Read More

Hyderabad abandoned dead dog reduced to ‘heap of fur’

A Hyderabad dog breeder who abandoned  his breeding dogs in a kennel has not been seen for at least a month- leaving ten dogs to starve a slow torturous death with no food or water. … Read More

Hyderabad man found having sex with pregnant dog arrested

In India, a 22-year-old Hyderabad man was arrested on Monday for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a dog who was found dead. According to NdTV News,  police are investigating whether the man strangled the dog … Read More