Abandoned pup waited on family’s discarded chair in snowy weather

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An abandoned pup waited for more than a week for his family to return in the Michigan cold. All that had been left of his former family was an old wooden chair and brown cardboard boxes, but still he waited. According to the animal rescue group, Detroit Animal Welfare Group, who helped to save him, the emaciated and injured pitbull mix dubbed Olli-Loo,dog-left-in-snow-detroit-2

“…was all curled up as tight as he could get.”

On Tuesday, Terri Looby, a volunteer with the D.A.W.G., along with other volunteers went searching for the abandoned pup reported to have been hanging around the area of Redford. And in that 19 degree weather, with the winds blowing making it seem even colder, Terri found Olli-Loo. There he was, cuddled in a tight ball, trying desperately to stay warm on the old chair poised at the curb – trash and remnants of a family’s past life littering the street. No sooner had Terri greeted the pup than the friendly pooch’s tail started to wag;  he was ready to be saved. Moments later, Olli-Loo jumped into his rescuers’ car.

According to Inside Edition, Terri was just so moved by the dog’s loyalty:

“I think it took me a good 45 minutes to feel my toes when I got out of the cold,” she said. “To see a dog so loyal to his family to sit in a chair in the freezing cold to wait for them to come back… it still breaks my heart.”

According to neighbors, the family had been evicted from their apartment and originally left two dogs; one of the puppies they came back to claim, however Olli-Loo wasn’t so lucky.

“He left Ollie-Loo with the trash. He’s so full of love; he doesn’t care who you are, he’ll give you kisses, that tail never stops wagging, he’s never barked — the only time we heard him cry or make a whimper, was when we left. He just wants to be loved,” stated Terri.

When examined by the vet, Olli-Loo, estimated to be a year-and-a-half-old, had a broken leg in addition to having been emaciated. He has been placed in a foster home where he follows his new human everywhere. This boy isn’t taking anymore chances of losing his companions. He still is a bit nervous that he is going to be abandoned, but is receiving lots of love and attention to reassure him his future will be better.dog-left-in-snow-detroit-4

D.A.W.G do need donations to help pay for Olli-Loo’s broken femur repair surgery and other ongoing medical expenses. A YouCaring page can be found here.

Get well soon Olli-Loo. If interested in giving this sweet boy a permanent home, contact D.A.W.G. here.

(Photos of abandoned pup courtesy of D.A.W.G)


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  1. OMG! Poor BABEEEE! Yes, Pit Bulls are the MOST LOYAL dogs. It just breaks my heart, seeing him waiting for his people on that chair…in the freezing COLD. Thank you for rescuing him! I wish I could donate, but I can’t. Have a BETTER LIFE now, Olli-Loo! ???????? ????????????


  3. People that do this disgust me! If this is all you care about your dog, your companion, then don’t get one! There are so many selfish, heartless people walking this earth, one has to wonder what has happened to humanity. Hoping Olli-Loo finds a happy forever home, one who will giver her the love that a faithful dog like she is, deserves. I also hope the ones who saw fit to leave her in the cold, never have a moments peace again!

  4. What Dirtbag would leave a innocent gorgeous looking in a light and extreme cold answer a dirtbag I got some fun let’s get our heads bury them under water is frozen and then play hockey in them in the f****** heads of scumbag piece of s*** don’t them ever don’t you ever ever ever again gorgeous God bless you

  5. I thank God for people like you who care so much for the furbabies out there who have been abandoned and so many other things. I hope this little guy finds love forever. If we could have an update on him, that would be great

  6. Wtf ..how could the family leave thus lovng one behind..i wsh the family(not their dog) die because of severe cold…
    I hope u get a foreva loving and carng home…love u…u r such an adorable and a loyal dog…love u darling????????????


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