Puppy mill breeder banned for 15 years after dogs kept in dark and fed moldy bread

A commercial dog breeder in Scotland has been banned from owning or selling dogs for the next 15 years after keeping puppies in horrible conditions while under her care, reports the Daily Record.Morag Jackson

Morag Jackson, … Read More

Do you know me? Elderly, 14-year-old dog at animal control

On August 6, an elderly dog, believed to be 14 years of age, was picked up as a stray and taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California. The female Australian shepherd is … Read More

Hospice foster needed for elderly dog

On Saturday afternoon, a no-kill animal shelter in Chicago, Illinois, issued an urgent plea for help on behalf of an elderly dog who is in need of a hospice foster home. The shelter, Felines & Read More

The Seager Sagas – we’ve got a talker on our hands!


Welcome to installment #2 of the “Seager Sagas.” Our rescued German shepherd puppy joined our family in May and it didn’t take long before he showed us that he is a talker. In fact, I … Read More

Flea and ticked infested small senior dogs dumped at Texas shelter

Could there ever be a sadder picture of a dejected little dog peering through the bars of a shelter cage wondering what he had done so wrong that he landed in such a frightening place?  … Read More

Owner of cow strapped to flat-bed trailer in cruel photo to appear in court

In Appomattox, Virginia, the owner of a suffering cow pictured strapped to a flat-bed trailer in May, will appear in court at the Appomattox General District Court on Wednesday for animal cruelty charges, reports WsetNews.Read More

Animal control officer rappels 100 foot ravine to rescue stray puppy

When a three-month-old German shepherd puppy fell off a 200-foot rocky ravine in Pauma Valley, California, his panicky cries for help could be heard from the top of the ravine, reports the CountyNewsCenter for San … Read More

Dog dies on hike amidst extreme Arizona heat

aztrailThis week, on a day when the outdoor temperature near Arizona’s Superstition Mountains climbed to a scorching 107-degrees, a dog who had been taken on a hike perished from heat stroke. According to Wednesday’s release … Read More

Bull versus bull-fighter results in human death

Screenshot (696)

On live television, and in front of a cheering crowd, a Spanish matador was fatally wounded by a bull.  According to Saturday’s BBC News, 29-year-old Victor Barrio was knocked down and then gored in … Read More

11-year-old friendly dog dumped at shelter for no reason

Butter the dogIt was the 4th of July as families and friends gathered together to celebrate; that is except for Butter. The 11-year-old Chinese Sharpei was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center without even a reason. … Read More