‘Hideous cruelty’: Forced smoking experiments involve mice trapped in tight plastic tubes for long periods of time

Just when you hoped mankind had made progress eliminating test animals in laboratories for absolutely absurd experiments, the Animal Justice Party has revealed research forcing mice and rabbits into individual tight plastic tubes for extended … Read More

Killer whale stranded on Alaska rock area saved by group of people spraying orca with water until the tide rose and it was able to swim away

A killer whale became stranded on the rocks above the shoreline on Thursday in Alaska and a group of people helped to keep it cool and comfortable with water until wildlife officials arrived.

According to … Read More

Cows take precedence over Tule elk as federal government plans to cull herd

The world’s largest remaining herd of the native rare Tule elk are dying of thirst at the Point Reyes National Seashore after ranchers erected an eight-foot high fence separating the elk from leased dairy and … Read More

Emergency inspector rescued family of beluga whales as calf screamed for his mom

An emergency inspector with the Russian ministry spent the evening rescuing a family of beluga whales that beached on the Far East shore near the Sea of Okhotsk. The baby whale, lying quite a distance … Read More

Mule deer found dead at border wall shows detrimental impact on wildlife

In a viral photo released on Monday, showing a mule deer dead along the border wall in Lukeville, Arizona has sparked outrage, demonstrating the detrimental environmental impacts on wildlife.

The mule deer have historically migrated … Read More

Trees and animals, victims of deforestation

Trees and animals are the silent, overlooked victims of continued deforestation and urbanization. According to a 2018 report in The Global Citizen, 36 million trees are cut down in urban areas in the U.S. each … Read More

Half a million bees killed and burned in Texas beehives

More than half a million bees have been killed and burned after an unknown person(s) set the hives on fire in a rural area of southeast Texas.

According to the Brazoria County Crime Stoppers, … Read More

Flatbed full of live animals overturns and slimes road and cars

On Thursday, an accident in Depoe Bay, Oregon, resulted in a slippery, slimy mess on Highway 101. The Depoe Bay Fire District posted several photos of the stomach-churning mess to social media and explained what … Read More

Crocodiles are believed to have eaten trophy hunter

A missing 44-year-old trophy hunter is believed to be dead – according to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily Mail, Scott Van Zyl was last seen a week ago.

Zyl had been hunting with a … Read More

Mysterious Skittles on highway apparently headed for cattle feed

The rather mysterious appearance of Skittles on a rural Wisconsin highway this week has a rather odd explanation about where they were headed. According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the spilled candy was … Read More