Trees and animals, victims of deforestation

Trees and animals are the silent, overlooked victims of continued deforestation and urbanization. According to a 2018 report in The Global Citizen, 36 million trees are cut down in urban areas in the U.S. each … Read More

Half a million bees killed and burned in Texas beehives

More than half a million bees have been killed and burned after an unknown person(s) set the hives on fire in a rural area of southeast Texas.

According to the Brazoria County Crime Stoppers, … Read More

Flatbed full of live animals overturns and slimes road and cars

On Thursday, an accident in Depoe Bay, Oregon, resulted in a slippery, slimy mess on Highway 101. The Depoe Bay Fire District posted several photos of the stomach-churning mess to social media and explained what … Read More

Crocodiles are believed to have eaten trophy hunter

A missing 44-year-old trophy hunter is believed to be dead – according to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily Mail, Scott Van Zyl was last seen a week ago.

Zyl had been hunting with a … Read More

Mysterious Skittles on highway apparently headed for cattle feed

The rather mysterious appearance of Skittles on a rural Wisconsin highway this week has a rather odd explanation about where they were headed. According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the spilled candy was … Read More

Man kicks dog in aggressive San Francisco melee at park

In San Francisco, a violent encounter at the popular Duboce Park on Thursday began with playful dogs and ended in a disturbing display of human anger after one pet owner became violent, reports CbsLocalNews.

Caught … Read More

State plans to kill entire wolf pack in Washington

An entire pack of endangered wolves are going to be killed in the state of Washington. According to Tuesday’s Statesman Journal, the Profanity Peak wolf pack, which consists of 11 wolves, is believed to … Read More

Elderly, blind and deaf dog rescued from 40 foot well


An elderly dog, who is both deaf and blind, fell down a 40-foot well in Maryland this week. The 11-year-old dog, named “Sam,” was saved thanks to the efforts of the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire … Read More

Frightened dog leaps into fireman’s arms at Blue Cut

In West Cajon Valley, California, a firefighter rescued a dog from the Blue Cut Fire as the pup ran excitedly from his burning home and jumped into the arms of Battalion Chief Mike Mohler.Dog leaps into fireman's arms

Chief … Read More

Puppy mill breeder banned for 15 years after dogs kept in dark and fed moldy bread

A commercial dog breeder in Scotland has been banned from owning or selling dogs for the next 15 years after keeping puppies in horrible conditions while under her care, reports the Daily Record.Morag Jackson

Morag Jackson, … Read More