Accident slimes cars in Oregon

Flatbed full of live animals overturns and slimes road and cars

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On Thursday, an accident in Depoe Bay, Oregon, resulted in a slippery, slimy mess on Highway 101. The Depoe Bay Fire District posted several photos of the stomach-churning mess to social media and explained what had happened:

Highway 101 at milepost 131 between Otter Rock and Depoe Bay got slimed! A flatbed truck with tanks full of live hagfish rolled, spewing water and hagfish all over the highway and beyond. No injuries, fortunately!

Hagfish, which are also known as slime eels, are a menu item in South Korea – this particular load of live Hagfish were destined to be meals. The situation would have been messy with any sea creature, but this particular type of fish actually produces even more slime when they are stressed – which of course, given the traumatizing situation, they were.

Slime everywhere

Crews used bulldozers to scoop the gooey mess off of the roadway – no word on whether or not the cars impacted by the goop can be salvaged.

(Images via Depoe Bay Fire District Facebook page)

More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here. 

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  1. Mark says:

    The picture above looks like a photo shop or from a game video. I don’t give a rats ass about eels. There are plenty where they came from.


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