Giant python in Indonesia swallows woman whole

In Indonesia, a 54-year-old woman’s body was found in the belly of a giant python on Friday. The woman, Wa Tiba had been in her garden on Thursday when she disappeared in the village of … Read More

Burmese python devoured deer that weighed more than the snake

At Collier-Seminole State Park in Florida, officials have documented a Burmese python devour a deer that weighed more than the snake. The 31.5 pound snake regurgitated a 35-pound fawn. A statement posted on the FacebookRead More

Woman under investigation as disturbing image of puppy being crushed by a python appears online

A woman who posted an image online of her pet Royal python crushing what appeared to be a very young puppy to death is currently under investigation by the Seprona animal protection unit of the … Read More