UPDATE: Abandoned in a box with serious injuries Tarzan doesn’t give up

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Less than a week ago, an individual entered the Pennsylvania SPCA with a big box. Inside was a 72 pound husky mix looking up at the staff; one blue eye and one brown eye plaintively seeking help for the pain he had so bravely been enduring.

The person who arrived with the dog claimed to have been the owner and had been looking for treatment for his dog at the organization’s wellness center. The dog’s injuries were too severe to be treated there; the owner was told his dog needed critical emergency treatment and was then referred to an emergency veterinarian. The owner agreed, and seemingly left to seek care for his dog.

Just minutes later the owner left without his dog; the injured pup still in the box at the Pennsylvania SPCA. With no time to waste, the pup was immediately transferred to the organization’s hospital where deep, open wounds on his hind legs; the worse on his right leg with bone exposure and torn tendons, were treated. Veterinarians suspected he had been hit by a car. Tragically, the injuries were not recent, and it is suspected the dog had been suffering for some time.

His microchip revealed his name is Tarzan, and this sweet guy has been improving. Due to the severity of his injuries, the dog’s right hind leg has been amputated. The staff says he has been adjusting to his new three-legged life and has been receiving the best of care from the staff and volunteers.

A shelter is just no place for Tarzan to recover. A foster parent with experience in the veterinary field of medicine who can continue Tarzan’s care in the comfort of their home would be the best solution to help this boy heal and find the love, safety and happiness he deserves.

If interested, please visit pspca.org/foster.

Read Tarzan’s prior story here.

Tarzan’s case has been referred to the Animal Law Enforcement team.

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