Honey Brook man who injected 5 dogs with Epsom Salts and then shot them pleads guilty

A Honey Brook, Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty on Friday to five misdemeanor animal cruelty charges stemming from the deaths of several dogs. Ammon Stoltzfus will be on probation for the next ten years and ordered … Read More

Tragic update for tiny Yorkie left for dead in trashcan

In Philadelphia, the tiny Yorkie found in a trashcan with serious head injuries died on Sunday. The dog, named Pringles, by her rescuers was discovered on Thursday morning in the 1800 block of North Taylor … Read More

Tiny Yorkie left for dead discovered inside of trashcan

A tiny Yorkie was found on Thursday morning in the 1800 block of North Taylor Street in North Philadelphia. She had been left for dead when discovered by a Good Samaritan who heard a faint … Read More

55 dogs and puppies rescued from horrible living conditions

In Narvon, Pennsylvania, 55 dogs and puppies were rescued from horrible living conditions after authorities received a call about unsanitary conditions and medical concerns for the animals.

“The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team successfully

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Yorkshire terrier abandoned in sealed plastic container left to die

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a senior Yorkshire terrier was abandoned outside of an animal shelter on Monday. She had been sealed in a plastic container and left to die.

According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, where the … Read More

Iowa woman arrested for illegally debarking dogs

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an Iowa woman faces charges for illegally debarking dogs. Denise Felling, 55, has been arrested by the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office on Friday and is expected to be extradited to Lancaster … Read More

Something awful was tied around Teddy’s muzzle for a long time

Something awful had been tied around Teddy’s muzzle for an extended period of time. The deep, sharp wounds cut clear down to his bones; the infection was deep and the young dog’s pain had to … Read More

Four dogs rescued from Philadelphia dog-fighting ring in progress

On Saturday night, animal cruelty officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA broke up a dog-fighting ring in progress on the 1200 block of South 35th Street. Four dogs have been rescued – two “pitbull type dogs … Read More

Philly cop accused of dumping emaciated dog into trash

In a very disturbing incident, a Philadelphia police officer has been arrested for allegedly dumping an emaciated dog stuffed in a trash bag at a local park last November. According to the Pennsylvania Society for … Read More