Police rush to St. Louis animal rescue with dog that had been brutally shot on street

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On Monday morning, local police pulled up to Stray Rescue of St. Louis with sirens blaring; carrying a dog that had been brutally shot. Officer Leahey and two other hero officers had wrapped the injured pup in a blanket and carried her into the medical section of the rescue organization.

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The dog was immediately given pain medications, making it possible to do necessary x-rays. It appeared this was one very lucky dog – no bones were broken or vital organs hit. The staff named her Tippi.

Early this afternoon, Tippi underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

Such a ridiculous, cowardly and disgusting act to shoot this sweet baby, and we have to clean up after such a gross person.

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The bullet landed in Tippi’s skin and fortunately did not invade into her organs or bones. Her ear was repaired and sewn closed. This was one very fortunate pup.

Updates to follow.

Please give toward her emergency surgery here; updates to come: Strayrescue.org/stracks.

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