Dog covered with ticks lying face up on Fresno driveway rescued by Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend

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In Fresno, California, a stray dog lying on a resident’s driveway belly up and nearly lifeless, has had the help of Good Samaritans and an ex-girlfriend of Playboy’s owner Hugh Hefner.

Our story begins on Thursday when Izabella St. James, the founder of the rescue group, The Pug Queen, spotted a photo of a young Boxer who had shown up on someone’s driveway and just gave up. Izabella said the dog just stole her heart, and she knew she had to help.

She started out on Facebook asking if there were any Boxer lovers around, and then posted the heartbreaking and very graphic photos of the dog. Izabella had never seen so many ticks on one dog and offered to pay for the dog’s veterinarian visit if someone could take her there for an examination, testing and treatment.

It had been a mailman in Fresno who had spotted the dog, who was later to be named Precious Betty, when his own dogs started barking at her. That was when Betty collapsed in the middle of a hot day. Wanting to help because he was a dog lover, he posted photos asking for help. He kept the dog in his backyard until the next day when an animal rescuer volunteer showed up to help.

Today a lady named Amy took her & I paid the $438 bill. Amy then spent quite a while removing a lot of the ticks but she was bleeding so much, Amy had to stop. She has anemia so we have to be careful. The ticks will continue to die & fall off throughout the night.

The Pug Queen

Betty turned out to be only nine-months-old. How tragic that she had to have been neglected for almost her entire short life

By Saturday morning, a rescue organization had already picked up Betty, and she is now in Los Angeles at a Boxer rescue receiving the care and attention she needs. There have been several offers coming in and asking to adopt her.

All this dog has ever known is neglect and surrering. yet, she’s as sweet as can be.


And if we have any Boxer lovers who want to help with her vet bill, Izabella would be grateful for that too.

VENMO: @ThePugQueen

PAYPAL: [email protected]


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