Abandoned dog tied to a post by electrical cord but someone covered her with blanket and called for help

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On Wednesday, an abandoned dog found tied to a post by an electrical cord arrived at the ACCT Philly for help. Although there is no history on her past, the animal welfare organization’s Executive Director Sarah Barnett knew the basics about the dog dubbed Ashley. She had been bred numerous times in the past, and the cord used around her neck had been left on her long enough as she tried to free herself; making the skin under her raw.

A kind hearted person had placed a blanket over her at the spot where she had been tethered and called ACCT Philly to report her plight. When officers arrived, they didn’t know if the dog could walk and carried her to their truck, then into the shelter and into Sarah’s office. It turned out, however that Ashley could walk – she just didn’t want to because she just didn’t care.

As to Ashley’s physical condition, she has untreated entropion (eyelashes point inward towards the cornea and hurts when she blinks). She is receiving eye drops to ease the pain, but will need surgery to correct the condition. Multiple teeth are rotting, and she has an upper respiratory infection which is currently being treated.

Volunteers and staff groomed Ashley; which began with having to be shaved down to remove the painfully pulling mats against her raw skin.

She let us do whatever we needed to, not because she is amazing behaviorally, but because while physically she’s there, mentally she’s shut down.

Sarah Barnett

Ashley will walk on a leash, but if pressure is applied, she will lie down. The officers carried her into Sarah’s vehicle and placed her on the backseat. Later Ashley climbed into the front seat on her own.

She may be passive aggressive. So she is capable, just selective as to when she does things. She rode very well in the car just sleeping.

Sarah on Facebook

She seems indifferent to other dogs, and she may have sight limitations. It is suggested she be placed in a home with another low energy pup, given time to decompress and offered lots of love and encouragement.

This pup needs an experienced rescue to take her in and help her realize that most humans are compassionate and kind. Ashely needs help coming out of her shell.

Please share Ashley’s sad story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. If interested in helping this precious 40 pound pup who needs to find her person(s), contact [email protected].

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Baby taking her first elephant steps 😉

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