Young and healthy Paislee can’t catch a break and now she is scheduled to die at Texas shelter

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Meet Paislee; a young dog who just can’t catch a break and is now scheduled to die at the Nueces County Animal Shelter in Robstown, Texas. Her look? It’s the heartbreaking “look” of a dog who knows she is going to die.

Paislee had been dumped one someone’s property and they called Animal Control. Not one person visiting the shelter has offered to either foster or adopt this 37-pound pup who is barely a year old. She is described as friendly and social with everyone. She has had all of her vaccinations and has been wormed. Won’t someone come to her rescue?

Unfortunately, dogs are not leaving the shelter quick enough and dogs are being euthanized for lack of space.

The Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue is a volunteer-run page to network at risk Nueces & Kleberg County Texas animal control shelter animals needing immediate rescues, fosters and adopters. Please share Paislee’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

Sharing saves lives.


Thank you so much to one of our dearest rescue partners Catahoula Rescue New England Houlas & Heelers, Inc., for stepping in at last minute and rolling the dice on these two beautiful brindles ! Please honor pledges or donate to this rescue – saving these dogs will cost this rescue a ton of money so any and all help would be appreciated !

– their PayPal address is: [email protected]

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