Two month old puppy returned to shelter by adopters broke our hearts but ‘all’s well that ends well’

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A two-month-old puppy named Okra had been adopted, and away he went to his new home; or at least that is what everyone assumed would happen, but a puppy’s life doesn’t always turn out as planned. Volunteers and staff at the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, Oregon, were heartbroken when the butt-wiggling, adorable puppy was returned to the shelter.

The previous adopters had been looking for a service dog, and it was to be their first dog; their trainer told them that Okra was too shy.

So there this cutie was – back in his shelter enclosure not understanding at all what just happened. Check out his brief video after having been returned to the shelter:

Now how in the world would anyone want to return this boy? His brother has been adopted, so why not Okra? That’s when TikTok user @therainabaina posted the above video. The volunteer helps to get the word out about adopting, and Okra really pulled at everyone’s heartstrings.

So sad didn’t even give him a chance prayers he finds the best loving home.

I don’t understand how anyone can build a puppy’s hopes, make him believe he has a home and a family, then return them to the shelter

TikTok comments

So in the end however, Okra did find a home, and likely the awesome TikTok video helping the puppy’s plight to go viral made the difference. We are proud to add that (as of 16 hours ago), Okra was adopted.

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