Naughty puppy destroyed family’s kitchen while they were shopping

A naughty puppy from Warrington destroyed her family’s kitchen while they were out shopping. In fact, the family thought they had been burglarized, but soon discovered it was their one-year-old cocker spaniel who was responsible … Read More

Dog waited a year to be adopted returned in one week for barking

Once again Hercules waits at the front door of his kennel hoping someone will take him home. After spending one year at the South Los Angeles Shelter, it was heartbreaking to greet Hercules being returned.… Read More

Don’t blame the big dogs all the time: Letting small dogs off leash too often

In an open letter to a dog owner who allowed her five-pound YorkiePoo to run off leash coming back from the beach on Sunday, should act as a reminder to pet owners to be responsible … Read More

Houdini: Frightened dog too scared to make eye contact

In an urgent notice from the Orangeburg County Animal Control in South Carolina, Houdini is in dire need of rescue. The youngster was not named Houdini because of his ability to escape; he earned his … Read More

Pointy ear dogs are scary: So says the TSA who are phasing out certain breeds

At airports across the nation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be phasing out pointy ear dogs such as German shepherds because they scare children.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, TSA Administrator … Read More

Viral video of rude mother angry when told her child could not touch service dog

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a video has gone viral showing a rude mother verbally abusing a group of service dog owners. The video was posted on Wednesday morning by handler Megan Stoff:

ML Leigh
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Four-year-old child bitten in face after teasing family dog

A four-year-old child was bitten in the face after teasing the family’s four-year-old Labrador retriever at a relative’s property in Mount Pleasant, Queensland, Australia.

According to the WeeklyTimesNow, four-year-old Jaxson Reddacliff had been playing … Read More

Border patrol Beagle ‘Hardy’ makes roasted pig discovery at Atlanta airport

Job well done Hardy! A Beagle K9 detector officer working with United States Customs and Border Protection at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport made a tasty discovery late last week. That trusty Beagle’s nose sniffed … Read More

No charges filed in death of shepherd ‘Evie’ killed in Ohio prison

In Lebanon, Ohio, a dog named Evie died while participating in a prison program using inmates to help with her training. No charges have been filed in the dog’s death.  According to the rescue group … Read More

Search and rescue dog finds missing pooch stuck in the mud

Can we hear a paws-up cheer for a search and rescue dog on his very first mission, who helped to find a missing dog in McCleary, Washington over the weekend? Tino, the pooch-in-training for such … Read More