Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him

At a rescue center in Edenbridge, England, Monty has been called one of the country’s “most overlooked dogs.” For the last seven of his eight years, Monty has spent his life at a rescue. The … Read More

Video of skydiving dogs from Russian military plummet 13,000 feet before parachute deploys

Shocking video out of Russia has gone viral, showing dogs strapped to special force commandos jumping out of airplanes. The soldiers, with their dogs attached, plummet 13,000 feet before parachutes deploy guiding them to the … Read More

One-year-old Boxer dumped at shelter because she misbehaved

Puppies do not magically learn not to chew shoes, rugs or attractive nuisances around the home when not closely supervised, and it’s very sad the owners of a one-year-old Boxer didn’t have the time nor … Read More

Dog dumped at shelter because she ‘pulls on her leash’ and today she dies

At the Brooklyn shelter location for New York Animal Care Centers, Jackie’s fate has all but been sealed. Today she will be euthanized because her owner dumped her at the high kill shelter for no … Read More

Super hero needed to save Asher whose life is soon to be snuffed out

Asher could likely die today and has been added to the euthanasia list at the Houston, Texas BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. On Thursday, the shelter agreed to extend his life for another day as … Read More

Kino is at highest risk of being euthanized: Share his story now

At the crowded Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in Fort Worth, Texas, Kino has been “Red Listed,” which means he is at the highest risk of being euthanized. The Labrador retriever mix is barely … Read More

Blind and deaf bonded puppies hoping the right family will offer them a home

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Stressed out dog had bad experience at shelter and unless rescued will soon die

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Hero pup from shelter dog to K-9 police officer in upstate New York

A hero pup named Maggie has had an extraordinary journey since she was found roaming the streets as a stray in Long Island. The adorable stub-tailed pit-bull and Malinois mix is now a K-9 officer … Read More

Georgia shelter gives lonely dog a birthday party hoping to help him find a home

A two-year-old rescue pup named Brownie celebrated his birthday with a party. Brownie has been at the Gwinnett Animal Shelter in Georgia for nearly a year – it is hoped the happy event will attract … Read More