Search and rescue dog finds missing pooch stuck in the mud

Can we hear a paws-up cheer for a search and rescue dog on his very first mission, who helped to find a missing dog in McCleary, Washington over the weekend? Tino, the pooch-in-training for such an important job is from Useless Bay Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization who helps dogs  to be reunited with their owners.

According to Fox News, on Saturday Tino went out on his mission to find Puppy who had disappeared Thursday while out on a trail ride with his owner Karen James. Puppy was found less than a mile from his home, off the well traveled trail, and had become trapped in thick mud and had not been able to free himself.

Puppy had been trapped for more than 40 hours and rescuers used ropes to free him.

Useless Bay Sanctuary’s Facebook page provides  helpful suggestions for rescuers and Good Samaritans often trying to capture a lost, stray or injured dog. Check it out.

(Photo of search and rescue dog Tino saving Puppy screenshot via Fox 13 News)

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Update: No more tears for Lucy, the abandoned dog unable to open her mouth

Just when you thought you had seen it all, along came Lucy, another tragic case of animal cruelty; this time even worse than the time before. Lucas (now Lucy) came into a Georgia animal shelter filthy, injured with extensive cuts and even more worrisome – the dog was unable to open her mouth and reportedly had not eaten in two weeks.

Lucy’s story went viral way back in February, as she was shown gently coaxed out of the back of a truck twitching, drooling and shaking. Who could even have imagined the dog’s suffering as she was unable to drink, eat or even stick out her tongue to pant? As she was rushed to an emergency veterinarian, floods of messages poured in asking what could be done to help and how could this have ever happened?

Video #1 when Lucy was brought into the emergency veterinarian:

Days later, Lucy left the emergency veterinarian and headed to the organization’s primary Georgia area animal hospital. Her feeding and intravenous tubes were removed and she was eating on her own and taking her medication in her food. She was treated for tetanus and although she was also heartworm positive and her road to recovery has been a long one, her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Lucy’s mental and psychological recovery, however was even more complicated. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, however never gave up.

“After about a month of medical care, Lucy was healthy enough to leave the vet. However, mentally and emotionally, she was nowhere near ready for a home. She was terrified of people, her eyes were blank, like the lights were on and no one was home,” wrote Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Whatever happened to Lucy had been so traumatic, she was completely shut down. This was devastating to us, her rescuers, because we had saved her life, but now what?! We believe she likely lived chained out in the woods, so she had no human attachment at all. To truly save her, we knew we had to act fast, so we sent her to work with a behaviorist. For the first month, nothing changed. Lucy did not even acknowledge him, no greeting when he’d approach her, nothing. We were very concerned and worried about Lucy’s future. Finally, in the second month there, Lucy started to show minor improvement. She stayed another 6 weeks and he said he had brought her as far as he could. We finally had some hope that Lucy was letting her guard down and would be adoptable one day.”


To continue Lucy’s recovery, she was sent to an experienced foster home in Connecticut where her temporary family have the knowledge and expertise to help bring this dog to the next level in preparation for a new family.

Video #2 as Lucy continues to recover:


Compare the “before” video when she first arrived and the “after” video of Lucy. She is currently working on her socialization skills. Doesn’t she just make your heart smile?

Lucy still needs to be treated for heartworms. What an incredible journey Lucy is having, and all because of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and the compassionate friends and supporters who make seemingly impossible recoveries a reality.

To continue helping Lucy and dogs in need just like her, please click here:

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Viral video of police dog in Madrid performing CPR

In a video that went viral on Twitter last week by the Municipal Police of Madrid, an officer is shown falling to the ground and landing on his back.  A voice called out for immediate medical intervention and a K-9 officer named Poncho ran to his side, jumping up and down on the officer, mimicking chest compressions.

“This is the ‘Heroic’ performance from our #Compañerosde4patas#Poncho from @policiamadrid’s canine division, who did not hesitate for a second to ‘save the life’ of the agent, giving us a masterclass in #CPR.

– A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself – John Billings,” Policia de Madrid posted on their Facebook page with the video.

According to the organization,  they taught Poncho the steps for performing CPR. Pedro even appears to check if his patient is breathing and then returns to his chest compressions by using his weight on the man’s chest.

The video’s purpose is directed at encouraging pet adoptions.

At the end Pedro does receive a treat. Dogs are truly our best friends.

Check out the video:

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Couple in Malaysia videoed forcing poodle to walk only on hind legs

Another video of a dog being abused has gone viral- this time in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. A couple were seen forcing their small French poodle to walk on its hind legs at a shopping mall; the man was seen kicking the dog to stand on its back legs.

On his Facebook page, Deepan Kumar shared the disturbing situation using a video as proof:

” thought I had seen a wide range of the worst humanity has to offer until right about 10 minutes ago. Sunway Pyramid, H&M entrance, 20:09, 9th June 2018.

I AM UNCONTROLLABLY LIVID. It’s one thing to train a dog, it’s a whole other f***ing thing to train it for public entertainment through literal torture (read: KICKING THE DOG AND CANING THE DOG). The dog had been walking up and down the walkway for so long, it kept falling back to its 4 feet out of painful fatigue but EVERYTIME the dog kept falling back, this repulsive excuse of a woman kept shouting and caning the dog to continue standing on two feet to amuse people.


The dog, whose coat had been dyed red, was dressed in a costume. The two-minute video showed the poodle entering the store and “entertaining” the audience of shoppers standing on its back legs. Social media erupted into angry criticism towards the couple with many people promising to contact animal welfare associations for animal abuse.

Veterinarians agree that making dogs walk on their hind legs and in such an unnatural position can affect their joints which can lead to muscle and joint disease.

The video can be watched here. Be advised the video is graphic and shows violence against an innocent little dog. Viewing may not be suitable for everyone.

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Young pup to pay consequences of irresponsible pet parenting

Queenie’s soon to be tragic story isn’t unusual nor is irresponsible pet parenting. Surrendered to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter, her owner reported the young Chihuahua mix nipped their young child, but admitted the two had been left alone and unsupervised.

“They didn’t see what happened, but the child ran in crying and that was all it took for them,” wrote shelter volunteer Lois Chisholm on Facebook. “Instead of teaching the child the proper way to interact with a dog, or instead of training Queenie on how to retreat to her bed when the child becomes excitable, they leave this little dog in a scary shelter, trembling from fear and confused as to why she’s here.”

Check out Queenie’s short video and how loving this young dog is to everyone who handles her.

Click here for Queenie’s PetHarbor listing: QUEEN – ID#A512173

“My name is Queen and I am an unaltered female, tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated mix. Shelter staff think I am about 1 year old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 08, 2018.” Queenie is estimated to be 10 months to one year of age. She has not had her rabies vaccination, and must remain in quarantine until March 17. She is not spayed.”

Per the shelter volunteers. “San Bernardino City Shelter, CA doesn’t have many networkers; we really need your help sharing our dogs. The local rescues are full and we’re in big trouble!”

Share Queenie’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friend, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. It is heartbreaking to think this young dog could lose her life because her owners weren’t paying attention.

(Photo and video via Alice Chow)

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304
Rescues please email Jennifer Van Ness, the SBC rescue coordinator, with ID# asap if interested in helping.

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US Army mistreated bomb-sniffing dogs – left in kennels for a year

These are the highly trained and ultimately loyal bomb-sniffing dogs in Afghanistan that saved how many of our soldiers lives? And in return for their service, the corps of bomb-sniffing dogs were mistreated when they were discharged from the military according to a report issued on Thursday by the Defense Department’s Inspector General’s Office.

According to Reuters, an investigation was launched after soldiers who had handled the dogs complained about the fate of their four-legged heroes. Once the dogs were brought back to the United States, some were left to languish in kennels for nearly a year. They lacked care and attention; others were euthanized . No screenings were done to help the dogs find homes. The report stated one of the dogs diagnosed as having canine PTSD and another dog trained to bite went to families with children.

Soldiers who had been their handlers in Afghanistan struggled to find their dogs at the kennels; a few of the lucky pups were rescued. Several dogs have been rescued by Operation Enduring Freedom helping veterans.

The dogs bravely served from 2010 to 2014, and according to the report the Army failed to abide by Pentagon rules concerning the handling of these dogs.

“The Army did not use the DOD Working Dog Management system as required by the Joint Military Working Dog Instruction and Army Regulation 190-12,” the Inspector General wrote in the report.

When the contract ended in 2014, the dogs should have been evaluated and their fates and futures determined at the time. What a shameful way to treat our most loyal companions and all of those dogs who served in the military.

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Owner claims ‘exercise’ routine after video of dog dragging tire appears on social media

In Beaverton, Oregon, the owner of a dog caught on video over the weekend dragging a tire calls his training technique “exercise.”  Two dogs, wearing a harness, were seen dragging tires behind them. The person who recorded the video feared the owner may have been abusing his dogs.

According to KatuNews, the owner of the dogs, Denes Balasz, stated the dogs pull tires behind them on walks; explaining when he was a runner, he pulled tires as a part of his weight training – describing the pulling motions help to develop and maintain the muscles of his two Dogo Argentinos. Jasmine and Sultan are both four-years-old – they are a large game hunting breed and are very friendly and great around children.

Balasz has raised the dogs since they were puppies, and says they are well-trained, well-exercised and great dogs with very friendly dispositions. Although neither dog has ever competed in any kind of pulling or strength competition, he insists his dogs thoroughly enjoy their exercise. One of the tires weighs five pounds, while the other tire weighs  from ten to fifteen pounds.

The person who recorded the video expressed her concerns as the outdoor temperature that day was 90 degrees, and she didn’t think anyone should be exercising their dogs hard – much less pulling weights in the extreme heat. Balasz answered back that he had been close to home where the dogs had access to plenty of cool water and had not been worried about the heat – even though the dogs had been pulling on an asphalt surface which is known to heat up and possibly burn the pads on dogs’ paws.

Both dogs appeared to be very healthy and Beaverton Police say no crime has been committed as per Oregon law.

Just one week ago, two women in St. Louis, were spotted forcing a small puppy to drag heavy weights during its walk. Animal advocate, Kathy Venegoni posted a photo she took of the incident and believed it was an act of animal cruelty. The Humane Society of Missouri, however states what was shown is not illegal, and unless the dog is underweight or injured, this kind of action is not against the law. Police and animal control officers can only intervene if the weights are causing the dog to be in distress. St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated this is a “sport” and not illegal.

Read more about this story here.

(Photo of dog dragging tire screenshot via KatuNews)

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Be still my heart – check out these adorable photos showcasing a precious friendship.


Nurses reunite hospitalized man with his puppy – read the heartwarming story here.

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Virginia man accused of killing dog with golf club

A Bristol, Virginia man faces one animal cruelty charge  and one charge of the wounding a man after authorities claim he used a golf club to kill a dog and then broke his father’s nose after the father became upset about the dog’s death. Jonathan Cole Shaffer, 31, faces one misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and a felony charge of malicious wounding.

According to NewsWjhl, the Bristol Virginia Police Department were called to a home on Madison Street last Saturday. Officers discovered the dead body of a small black and white dog lying in a pool of blood that had been beaten in the head with a golf club. The dog had been tied to a pole in the backyard; a golf club was found nearby. Shaffer’s father was bleeding from his face.

Shaffer is alleged to have told the police he hit the dog because it had bitten his child. When Shaffer’s father saw the dead dog and confronted his son, Shaffer punched him in the nose. None of the children had any injuries relating to a dog bite, nor did medical services finds any indications of bites.

Shaffer is now being held in jail in Bristol without bail. His father suffered several fractures to his nose.

Rest in peace little dog.

(Booking photo of man accused of killing dog with golf club)

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When their owner passed away, not one family member offered any help

In Valencia County, New Mexico, three dogs may soon breathe their last: this desperate situation was certainly not their fault when their owner passed away. For over a month, the emaciated black Labrador retriever along with two shepherds had been left alone in a home. There was no food or water. It was hoped family members would have stepped forward to save them. No one ever offered.valenica-county-homeless-pets-2

Sadly the dogs have experienced trauma; making all three very fearful and therefore aggressive. Staff and volunteer have reported the dogs bark and growl when anyone approaches their kennels, and although they can not be adopted out to the public, it is hoped an experienced rescue organization will volunteer to help.

A Facebook page can be followed here. Advocates have been pledging funds payable to an approved rescue to help with medical and behavioral expenses. All three of the dogs were emaciated. Now they need a holiday miracle to step in and give them a second chance at life and happiness. Please share their plights with family members, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and these dogs deserve better than what they have been experiencing at the most stressful time of their lives.valenica-county-homeless-pets-3

For more information, about the tan German shepherd mix listed as eight-years-old, refer to ID33627. For information about the black Labrador retriever mix estimated to be nine years old, refer to ID33625. For information about the black and brown four-year-old German shepherd mix, refer to ID33626.

The deadline for these dogs is Friday.  For more information how you can help, contact the Valencia County Homeless Pets or contact the Valencia County Animal Shelter located at 1209 Hwy 314 Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031. Please contact them at 505-866-2479 if you are interested helping these dogs.

(Photos of dogs when their owner passed away via Valencia County Homeless Pets)



Video alleges abusive dog training in Oceanside

In a video allegedly filmed at NYDogWorks in Oceanside, New York, a trainer is seen repeatedly poking a long pole into the cage of a dog. The dog is obviously frightened and attempts to grab the stick with his teeth. According to News12, the abusive dog training situation has been shared online and has garnered a lot of attention.

The disturbing video was posted by Thomas Marrone of Oceanside, who states his one-year-old German shepherd, Zeus was also badly beaten at NYDogWorks, and that his dog is now afraid of his own shadow after having been “trained” by the same person. Marrone released the video to warn other dog owners who may still have their pets in the trainer’s care.

The organization’s website states:

“We use a humane, positive and scientifically sound approach that makes it easy for you and your dog to succeed. Our instructions are broken down into simple steps so that everyone can take part in the training and be able to practice as a family.”

The Nassau Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals state they are aware of the video and are investigating. Again, a reminder to be very diligent and thorough before leaving your dog anywhere to be trained. They are the voiceless victims.

The video is disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewers. (Photo of abusive dog training freezeshot of video)

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