Starving dog severely neglected and barely able to stand fighting for his life with love

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At the Two Tailz Rescue in Roswell, Georgia, a three-year-old male dog weighing only 32 pounds, and half of his ideal weight, was rescued on Thursday after a rural shelter called out for help. Whoever let this dog, now named Chipper, (short for Chipmunk) deteriorate like this is appalling, however the focus is now on helping Chipper survive.

When we think we’ve seen it all…we rescue ‘Chipper.’ 💔😡💔Within hours of being contacted to rescue Chipper, we rushed him to our urgent care vet yesterday. Chipper is in very critical condition

Two Tailz Rescue

Chipper will be spending the next few days in critical care. He is severely emaciated, malnourished and dehydrated. His body score has been rated as a “1” out of a scale of “9”. He has been receiving intravenous fluids and electrolytes. His blood CBC panel shows abnormal levels consistent with being emaciated.

On arrival, Chipper was infected with fleas resulting in multiple sores on his body and ears from uncontrollable itching. He has been administered Capstar and given a medicated bath to remove the fleas. He also suffers from a heart murmur; veterinarians suspect the degree of emaciation and malnutrition are responsible.

A carefully regulated feeding plan has been created, and the medication intended to help him relax and rest continues to help.

And now for the part everyone has been wanting to know. Is Chipper a friendly and sweet pup? To say the veterinarian is in love with Chipper has been shared and is apparently an understatement. He is adored. There was no stopping Chipper from kissing the veterinarian, and this gentle and docile boy is loving – in spite of having been failed by his humans.

Chipper’s medical care is very expensive, and donations to help would be greatly appreciated.

Updates to follow.

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