Five 1-month-old puppies abandoned in Oklahoma park as temperatures soared over 100 degrees

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Authorities are looking for the person(s) who abandoned five 1-month-old puppies over the weekend in a park where temperatures soared over 100 degrees.

According to the Stillwater Animal Welfare, one puppy succumbed to the heat and died. The four others are being cared for in a foster home so they would not have to go to a nearby animal shelter.

They got a nice bath and are resting comfortably. They finally know what love is! Their foster family is the best!


If anyone has any information or the puppies look familiar, please contact 405.372.0334. The puppies are too young to be adopted. Follow their stories by clicking here.

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Bulldog falls asleep looking out the window.
Pup REALLY wants to play ball.

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