Abandoned and too weak to hold up his own body he waited in a field for someone to help

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In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, volunteers were alerted to another stray puppy, barely surviving in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The abandoned pup seemed to have been intentionally starved to near death.

He was too weak to stand and to weak to hold up his own body and so he curled up in a tiny ball – every rib showing through his thin coat and just quietly rested in the field hoping against hope that someone would come and offer him some food and comfort.

Late Monday afternoon, animal advocate and rescuer Leslie Hennings reached out for help. Could a rescue organization give this poor puppy another chance? Red Fern Animal Rescue stepped up and rushed the young pup to Town and Country Veterinarians in San Antonio.

During his physical examination, he presented as extremely weak, with Giardia and heartworm positive. His red blood cell count registered at 14 – normal would be 30. And although his has multiple infections plaguing his body, her has no fever, and his temperature is actually lowering which could be a sign that his body is going septic.

Please help and give this boy another chance. To donate directly to the vet hospital, please call 210.794.6904 or donate through the website by clicking here.

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That’s quite a toothpick you got there pup!

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