All hands on deck needed to help save 10-week-old puppy rushed to emergency veterinarian with gunshot wound

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In an unimaginable act of animal cruelty, ten-week-old Eloise was rushed to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital late Monday evening after a distressing message was received about a puppy suffering from a gunshot to her mouth.

Hounds in Pounds immediately stepped up, but little could have prepared volunteers for the photo sent to them. The tiny, torn up puppy appeared confused about her condition. She had been losing a critical amount of blood where a large caliber bullet went through her mouth and shattered her entire jaw.

The emergency room veterinarians were able to stabilize her, and she will undergo a CT scan today at another hospital and then be moved to a specialty surgical team who can handle the reconstruction of her jaw.

Her initial treatment estimate is 12k with our rescue discount, and that is just to get the ball rolling. Nobody was stepping up, there are very few rescues who can take on a case of this caliber. Our immediate response was YES. We took her on to protect her and to make sure that the right decisions about her care are made.

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After Eloise’s CT scan, she will need multiple surgeries, daily bandage changes, pain management and physical therapy. Donations are needed to help this tiny puppy, who has barely started to live, to give her the life she should have had before this terrible situation.

This case has been reported to the authorities; however, we will be very transparent with you that, most likely, nothing will be done because there are no laws in place for their welfare or rights in Georgia. No matter how much internal advocacy is done, nothing changes. We will do EVERYTHING we can to implement change

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Updates to follow.

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