12 arrested, 27 dogs rescued, after dogfighting operation discovered

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On April 24, 12 people were arrested at a suspected dogfighting operation in Seminole County, Georgia. According to a news release from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, the illegal activity was discovered after the authorities received a tip about a dog fight on Jessie Mitchell Road.

When the authorities arrived, they were met by a bloodied dog and they observed multiple people flee. A total of 27 dogs were found most with injuries to their faces, legs, and bodies. According to the release, 12 people were arrested and are facing felony dogfighting charges:

  • Brandon Baker
  • Christopher Brown
  • Herman Buggs
  • Temichael Elijah
  • Robert Fioramonti
  • Terelle Ganzy
  • Cornelious Johnson
  • Ramar Lee
  • Kayla Stelle
  • Robert West
  • Fredricus White
  • Gary Hopkins

The dogs found at the property were taken to a veterinarian to be examined and then released to rescue agencies. Bond was denied to all of the defendants.

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  1. Please leave these POSs locked up forever and lose the keys please!!!!! They have all earned themselves reserved spaces in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty……

    I hope the dogs get to recover from this horrible ordeal and can be rehomed into loving furever families who will treat them as beloved family members for their entire lives…….


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