Victim of horrific abuse suffering with his leg bone exposed rescued

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A homeless victim of horrific abuse who suffered day after day with his front leg so severely injured that he was left with just the bone exposed and no skin or flesh has been rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

His rescuers have named him Lucky; everyone wonders how this dog was able to survive and endure the obvious pain all the while scavenging the Texas streets trying to survive.

“Lucky’s advocates, concerned people who saw Lucky with his exposed leg on streets, who have been trying for days to catch him and finally were successful. We were there to help,” the non-profit organization posted on their Facebook page along with the startling and heartbreaking photos of the young dog.

Lucky has been transferred to an emergency veterinary hospital and remains on fluids and medication. He is reported to be very weak and dehydrated. When his condition is stable, he will be transferred to the rescue organization’s primary veterinarian in San Antonio where the exposed bone in his leg will be surgically removed.

Updates to follow:

“Lucky …… your days of running are over and you are now in kind and loving hands never to suffer again.”
Please help Lucky by DONATING to his medical care ..
The emergency hospital  care cost $800 and that’s before surgery .
Please Help so we never have to say NO to a dog in need like Lucky ..
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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    THE day of Reckoning IS coming for ALL of Texas and their DEMON spawned NAZI PUKES…..just wait for it. It’s gonna be a whopper from what I understand. Praise be to God and ALL His Karmic Angels.


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