Texas veterinarian charged with animal cruelty after dog boarded died at deplorable clinic

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In Taylor, Texas, a veterinarian in Williamson County has been charged with animal cruelty after the death of a five-year-old dog that had been boarded at her clinic for a week.

According to CbsAustin, veterinarian Dr. Dana R. Boehm turned herself in at the Travis County Jail on Wednesday for the warrants issued from Williamson County. Dr. Boehm is the owner of the Wellness Veterinary Hospital. She faces a Class A Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty charge. Further charges could be added.

The English bulldog, Jax had been left at the veterinary hospital to be boarded from March 13 through March 20.

When the owner arrived at the facility to pick up Jax, the dog was not able to walk, was covered in urine and had sores all over his body. Jax had been healthy when he was dropped off for boarding, and video surveillance of the day he was left at the clinic showed the dog was fine.

After Jax was picked up from the Wellness Veterinary Hospital, he was taken to another veterinarian for emergency treatment where it was determined his injuries were so severe, he had to be humanely euthanized.

The WilCo Animal Control Office confirmed the dog’s injuries as:

  • Four holes on his hind leg and two holes the size of a quarter between his foot and hip
  • Skin was missing in some areas and bones, ligaments and/or tendons were exposed
  • Hole in one of t he legs about the size of a dime
  • His hind leg had a hole the size of a quarter in it and other injuries

After a search of the clinic, authorities with the State Board of Veterinarians, found the following unsatisfactory conditions:

  • Unclean, unhealthy conditions in the area where the dog would have been kept
  • Strong, foul odors, feces, urine puddles, urine-soaked clothing, uncapped used syringes and loose medications
  • Animals kenneled in these conditions with no access to food or water

The other animals were all removed and have been returned to their owners.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    She best be glad this didn’t happen to my dog, because there would be nothing left to charge, much less arrest. Law enforcement, judges AND vets ALL REFUSE to do ANYTHING MEANINGFUL to protect OUR pets, so it’s up to us and the CONSTITUTION clearly STATES that I have a RIGHT to seek the best remedy for the DESTRUCTION of my property. Since laws refuse to set this apart, it’s astounds me that more people aren’t doing what the Constitution ALLOWS when it comes to PROPER punishments for VILE THUGS like this NAZI w***e’s actions. WE have MORE AUTHORITY than police and we rarely use it. WAKE up folks, WE have every RIGHT to knock ANYONE down if THEY are harming life, liberty or property. PERIOD! PLEASE READ the constitution!


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