Brave police officer pulls man from burning car, dog inside saved as well

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A Piedmont, California, police officer is being hailed a hero for racing to a burning car and pulling the disoriented driver to safety. As reported by Fox 8 News, Officer Jason Germano responded to the scene of a crash on Tuesday night, finding the victim’s car fully engulfed in flames.

Body cam footage shows Germano racing to the car with a fire extinguisher and attempting to put out the flames. When the extinguisher failed to improve the conditions, Germano opened the door and tried to get the driver to exit the vehicle. He said:

“I said, ‘Hey man, the car’s on fire, you need to get out,’” Explaining, “He was just kind of confused and disoriented.”

The officer was successfully able to pull the man to safety and then got the driver’s dog out as well. The Oakland Police are investigating the incident; alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor to the one-vehicle incident.

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