Ten-year-old child breaks down in happy tears after her mother surprises her with sweet dog from Arizona shelter

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At the Arizona Humane Society, Alexandria, 10, had visited the shelter with her mother looking for a new pit bull pooch to join their family. And it was love at first sight when Alexandria spotted Wyatt.

““He’s the one that’s going to take good care of us, mom! If you go get him, I promise to love him forever and take really good care of him.”


Alexandria’s mother Angela, told her daughter it was probably a good idea to wait, however all the while she had been paying attention to Wyatt’s adoption profile and secretly scheduled an appointment to see him again.

“As soon as I met him, I knew he was the one for our family.”


And so Angela signed the adoption papers and after picking her daughter up from school, surprised Angela by driving straight to the Arizona Humane Society where the happy tears flowed like a water spigot. Now the two are inseparable. As an added bonus – Wyatt is fully housetrained, knows lots of tricks and loves to be cuddled.

Check out the video – you won’t be sorry you did!


October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, and we’re so happy to see pups of this misunderstood breed get all the love they deserve.

Lots more happy tears to go – please don’t shop when you can adopt. For more information, click here.

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