Iowa firefighter adopts 16-month-old Mastiff he rescued from apartment fire

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In Des Moines, Iowa, a fire broke out in an apartment and the firefighters were quick to respond. As the extinguished the fire, a 16-month-old Mastiff was rescued and needed oxygen once he was safely out of the apartment.

Once Animal Control arrived, they determined there were two options for the pup, which either consisted of an expensive treatment at the owner’s expense or humane euthanasia. The owner was not able to afford expensive treatment and asked that his dog be put to sleep.

Fire fighter Malcolm Cortner, who had helped to rescue the dog from the building, asked the owner to sign the dog over to him so that he could pursue further treatment at his own expense. The owner complied.

And here we are – the prescribed treatment saved the pup’s life, and now he is best friends with his very own fire fighter hero. Congrats George – you are one lucky pooch.

Many thanks to all firefighters who risk their lives everyday saving people and their pets.

Check out the city’s Facebook page and maybe give Malcolm an “attaboy.”

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